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3 Important Facts About Florida Solar in 2022

There are over 90 billion solar panels across the world today. Of that, Florida is one of the best states in the United States to produce solar.

However, our Florida solar production isn’t where it could be. New Jersey and Maryland produce more than we do at this point in time.

If you live in Florida and own a house, or if you are a business owner with an office building, you may want to learn a little more about solar. You may be wondering why 90 billion solar panels are in use.

Are you behind?

Here’s are three important facts to know about solar panels in 2022 in Florida.

  1. More Solar Is Produced at a Lower Cost

Over the years, solar power and solar energy have been heavily researched to learn more about the environmental impact, sustainability, and benefit of using them.

A lot of that research has specifically targeted solar panels in Florida. And because of that, energy companies in Florida have been able to provide solar energy at the lowest cost its been since solar energy has become more mainstream.

  1. The Goal: 30-By-30

Florida has an initiative called 30-by-30, meaning that they want to install 30 million solar panels across the state by 2025.

And what would this do for you as a resident?

Besides helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, installing all of these solar panels will actually benefit you! It is estimated that over $2 billion would be saved in fuel costs for residents.

These solar panels will also contribute over $700 million in property taxes.

But it’ll also do more than just generate more money and savings for residents. It will create over 20,000 construction jobs across the state of Florida.

  1. Investing in Solar Energy Education

Not only is Florida thinking about adding more solar panels to the grid, but they are also making sure that there is an educational system behind it.

A few different universities are giving the opportunity for engineering students to see what would happen if there was a severe weather outage in the state. With this, what could solar energy do?

Microgrid labs are demonstrating and simulating what could happen, and allowing college-aged students to research and conduct these experiments.

There is an entirely new wave of solar power coming up in this new generation! And if you want to educate yourself on more solar energy stuff, view this solar website.

Florida’s Solar Energy in 2022

Back in 1990, we all thought that we’d be walking on the moon in 2022 with a holograph at our side.

While that didn’t happen, the progress we’ve made on sustainability is way more important and crucial to where we’ll be in 2050. And with Florida’s investment in solar power by 2030, we won’t have to worry about that as much.

Did you enjoy reading about these Florida solar energy facts? Interested in reading more about solar and the environment? Check out some blogs on our site!

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