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3 Ways to come up with brilliant ideas for college essays

3 Ways to come up with brilliant ideas for college essays

The first thing you should need is that writing an essay is not a piece of cake and should not be taken lightly as it takes a lot of hard work. It takes proper grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and amazing storytelling to come up with a well-written essay.


Most students struggle with choosing a topic as it’s not easy to decide what you should write about and make your essay the most well-written one among the other student’s essays. So, for a little time, you might be stuck staring at a black piece of paper which is why you won’t have enough time to complete your essay.

You need to choose something you think you’re passionate about. If you write something you have no interest in, then your essay will most likely turn out to be dull. You need to bring life to your essay by choosing a topic you’re passionate about. It will automatically bring life to your essay once you start writing about it.

Here are some tips and tricks to come up with brilliant ideas for college essays:

Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate it, try to choose something simple or relatable topics. If you choose something highly technical and complex, most readers won’t be able to relate due to which they won’t be bothered reading the whole thing.


Choosing something highly technical will complicate you and your readers so, try to avoid that if you can. As a result, effective writing relies on your ability to organise and structure words, phrases, and sentences into a coherent whole.

Choose something you’re interested in

It’s probably best to choose a topic that relates to your personal experience and is something that you’ve deeply felt in the past and is very close to your heart. Most colleges and universities are looking forward to knowing the students they’re trying to give admissions to, not their fake personalities. So, it’s best to choose something that is very close to your heart with memories still fresh, so you have enough information to finish the whole essay. Choosing something like that will automatically make your essay into a brilliant and well-written piece.

Another good idea can be to write about influential people, you can write about something that had a life-changing impact on you like your parents, teacher, leader, etc. You can also write about something thought-provoking and interesting. For example, if you got a chance to be someone else, then who would you be and why. There are many amazing topics out there, you just have to think very hard at this moment.

Use the Internet

There are many essay writers available on the internet who can guide you on this coming up with a topic journey of yours. There are also many amazing and interesting topics available online. You’ll get a whole list of topics in front of you just by typing in “Simple and interesting topics for college essays “. So, take good of the internet as almost every single piece of information and help is available on the internet.

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