5 Improv Tips for your Next Prank Call

When it comes to prank calls, it’s the crazy interactional moments that are most entertaining and memorable. Generally, people find it hilarious to see unexpected extreme reactions while you remain cool under pressure during a prank call. However, while it does appear seamless on the surface, to become an expert prank caller it’s a process that takes substantial practise and time. 

So what exactly is worth learning to be a master prank caller? Improv Skills!

Improv isn’t only used by actors. It can also be applied to many situations and is a skill that’s often overlooked when you watch your favourite prank call. Although pranksters usually have a prankscript prepared prior, improv skills are what really separate the great prank calls from the ordinary. 

Since people’s reactions vary, you’ll need to be fast on your feet on retorting with a quick and witty comeback. This is where you’ll be needing solid improv skills at the ready.

Here are five great improv tips you can learn for your next prank call. Let’s get started!

Become a ChatterBox

During any prank call it’s essential you remain in control throughout the entire conversation, continually capturing your target’s attention. To maintain control, you’ll need to lead the conversation. 

Just like how telemarketers miraculously never run out of things to say, you need to peak your target’s curiosity. Keep them guessing and do most of the talking, letting them only respond when you want them too. 

Just as importantly, don’t give them a reason to hang up. As much as possible, use everything in your creative arsenal to keep the conversation going. 

Maintaining control is also being wary on how they respond. You’ll often come across recipients attempting to assert control, by either talking over you, or losing their temper. Prevent this by counteracting their response with some funny catchphrases. 

Choose a great catchphrase that will surely halt whatever point they’re trying to make and derail their thought process. For some great examples, check out the OwnagePranks Youtube channel and prank call app where their characters showcase this improv trick consistently well. You can also learn from the app’s prank scripts on offer, letting you study specific lines scripted to instigate certain reactions. 

Overthinking is your Worst Enemy

Prank calls typically only last a few minutes, with extended interactions lasting between 5-10 minutes. Because of a call’s relatively short time frame, you won’t have the opportunity to think of fantastic comebacks every time. Overthinking is your worst enemy in this scenario, as it’ll cause short silence periods which aren’t conducive to a good prank call.

For prank calls to flow as naturally as possible while being coherent, you’ll need to think of  appropriate responses that still follow suit with the original prank idea you have in mind.   

Create new storylines and scenes by continuously asking questions and even sharing personal anecdotes which will be more natural. Questions and sharing stories lead to unique responses, which can develop new dialogue and prank opportunities.  

Start Recognizing Distinct Patterns During a Call

Since you’ll be typically trying to extend conversations during calls, you’ll probably start recognizing patterns on how they respond. Typically recipients stick to their guns if they feel a certain way, making them constantly repeating themselves. Patterns could be a topic your target likes to bring up, which can provide unique insights on who they really are. 

For example, you’re pranking a grocery store owner by requesting to buy an naughty item. If they’re insistent it’s not for sale, have fun by questioning it further. Suggest it has something to do with them personally and how morally they’re in the wrong. You can even inject some emotional stories on why you’re really willing to buy that item. Get into the details and you’ll be surprised at the reactions you’ll get!

Turn Unexpected Responses into New Opportunities

During prank calls, you will most likely encounter unexpected curveballs that will be thrown your way. For example, instead of your friend answering the phone, it could be their mother or grandfather. But no matter! View it as a new opportunity to add to your storyline. Sure, you’ll most likely stutter and embarrassingly fumble over your words initially, but it’s a great way to put your improv skills to the test. Take the bull by the horns and dive headfirst! 


Every prank call adds up. From lousy prank calls that end in dead silence to utterly bamboozling your target, it’s important to remember that you’re constantly making progress. 

Even if you’re practising prank calls with close relatives and friends, practise is still practise. Make the most out of every scenario to see the trends in their reactions, so you know what to expect next time. Being a master prankster involves honing your skills. Treat your improv skills as something you should invest in for all social interactions.  


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