6 Tips to Make Your Wristwatch Last Longer

6 Tips to Make Your Wristwatch Last Longer

As technology evolves at full speed, we see various time-telling gadgets showing up on market shelves, with wristwatches as an outstanding category. They are fashion accessories defining our styles, personality, and class. And the stronger they are, the better it is for the owner.

Beyond just telling the time, a good timekeeper is a result of detailed classical engineering. Some of them have a rich and interesting historical background, while others came as a result of personal stories and experiences.

In any case, a good watch, if properly cared for, can be passed from one generation to another. It is not that difficult to care for a wristwatch, especially if it’s one you love and have built a connection with overtime. So here are six tips you can apply to make your timepieces last long.

1. Clean As Often As Possible

Always use a soft cloth to clean the band, and the head of the watch to remove dirt and dust. And if its material is leather, use a damp cloth, gently dry, and polish. For those made of metals bracelets, soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush will do the magic.

If you have a water-resistant watch, like Rado, try your best to avoid exposure to water or liquid cleaners. Wipe the timer with a dry soft cloth regularly. Give your hourglass a complete movement overhaul every three to five years to keep it in good shape.

2. Service Regularly

Whatever has an engine will be worn out someday. By then, you will have a choice of either repairing it or getting a new one. But if you served it regularly, its life can be extended and also kept in good shape. This same principle is also applicable to watches.

Mechanical timepieces will always get wearied and not function the way they used to when newly bought. How it will work is dependent on several factors, and the primary one is quality. You’ll expect a higher-quality to last longer than that of a poor one. All watches must be serviced regularly, perhaps yearly, irrespective of the warranty. It helps to sort any issue before it becomes a problem.

3. Avoid Magnets

Placing a watch close to a magnet can affect its operating mechanism negatively. Almost everywhere, we are surrounded by magnetic products such as smartphones, televisions, PC, electronic speakers, etc.

The magnetism from these products can affect the functioning of your watch. And keeping them about 5 meters away from products with magnetic properties will weaken the effects or influence of magnetism.

All watches except digital quartz have a common feature called motors. This property suffers adverse effects from magnets and makes watches spoil faster when exposed to magnetic properties. And in case your timer has been exposed to a magnet, do well to get it serviced.

4. Take Care of the Crystal

By all means, avoid banging the crystal of your watch against hard surfaces that might cause a scratch. The dial of timers suffers more damage than any other part because the crystal is always exposed. While most cases are made of glasses, others could be made of either plastic or synthetic sapphire crystal.

To clean the crystal of your watch, open the case and pop the crystal out carefully. Pour some brass cleaner on a clean soft rag and use it to polish the crystal. Remove dirt and debris from the edges of the crystal by using the edge of a clean cloth. Then allow it to dry completely, apply a little amount of crystal cement to the edges of the watch, and slowly set the crystal back into the case.

5. Avoid Contacts with Chemicals

Exposing your watch to actinic substances such as perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, or soap can damage the strap or case. Creams damage the band of wristwatches and make it tear eventually, so you must wait for the lotion on your body to dry before wearing your pocket watch.

Do not expose your wristwatches to sunlight for a long time too. This is because the ultra-violet rays from the sun make watches fade faster and easily.

6. Always Read the Manual Attached to your Watch

The same way electronic devices come with manuals watches also come with a handbook that gives guidance on how to operate and care for it. At times, we often get carried away with the excitement of getting a new digital timer that we forget to follow the instructions that come with it. However, it is necessary to follow the instructions attached to know how best to care for it.

In Conclusion

A luxurious wristwatch should be properly cared for, especially if we would love to pass it to younger generations. By cleaning and servicing regularly, keeping away from chemicals and magnets, and following the manual for guides, you would be creating lifelines for your timepieces.


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