8 Common Gutter Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to the gutter installation a lot of people believe that it is a simple and straightforward job. Well, what does it take to install a gutter anyway? 

However, this easy looking job can get you on your nerves if not done correctly. The installation of a gutter system at your home defines the overall look and integrity of your place. Any defect in the rain gutter system can cause your home to flood down. Furthermore, it will also lead your finances to suffer. 

It is always best to avoid installing this crucial element by yourself and hire a contractor who knows what he’s doing. Your failed DIY project might end up with a botched job. Hence, here are some tips that can help you in avoiding gutter installation mistakes

Gutter Installation Mistakes That  You Should Avoid

  • Installing Gutter Without a Pitch

The most common mistake incurred by people is installing their gutters on a level. The main purpose of a gutter is to drain the water from your house. Installing it on the same level will not serve the purpose. 

So, what should you do?

Always remember to install your gutter along with a pitch. However, make sure that the pitch is only an inch or more from the gutter system. This will cause rainwater to freely flow toward the downspout. 

  • Installing Gutters that are Pitched Forward

Now, the pitch is important. It gives your gutter a chance to create a free flow of water. A lot of gutter installation contractors notice that people end up installing rain gutters with the forwarding pitch which isn’t right.

Installing pitch is fine but with a forward tilt is wrong. This practice can lead to gutter overflow along with water pouring over the edge as well as taking your house down.

  • Skimping on Installation Materials

Another common problem with gutters is sagging or bending. A sag or bend in the gutter is a sign that it is not installed correctly. Mostly this problem is observed due to the lack of adequate hangers in place. 


Hangers are the connecting element that joins anchors to your home. Installing too many hangers might seem a tedious job. You might even feel using fewer hangers to get your job done. However, use enough hangers as less can lead to further trouble. Also, make sure that the hangers are 3 feet apart.

  • Settling for Sub-Par Gutter Systems

The cheapest gutter is not the best gutter. You will find several cheap or inferior quality gutter systems in the market. It is quite likely for you to even consider such gutters to protect your finances. 

However, keep in mind that gutter systems are a one-time investment that lasts you long. Although you can find a high-quality product at a cheaper rate, make sure to prioritize quality over money. A good quality gutter system will pay off in the long term. 

  • Not Giving Attention to Seam Reduction

Seams in the gutter system can also take a toll on your house. Installing too many seams or not paying enough attention while installing can land you into trouble. 

Seams are known to create weak links or cause gutters to separate. Hence, ensure to avoid using seams in your gutter system. It will not only separate your gutters but also cause water to the downspout.

  • Selecting Gutters of the Wrong Size

One size doesn’t suit all. The choice of size creates a huge difference for your home. You need to consider a lot of elements while selecting a gutter for your home especially the size. 

The size of your home as well as the average rainfall in your area should be considered when choosing the size of your gutter system. Selecting the wrong size will lead to constant seepage of water from your drain. This will further cause serious foundation or structural damage to your home. Further, this can also cause problems in your gutter drainage solutions. To avoid this, always hire experienced gutter installation experts who can help you in selecting the right size of the gutter system and suggest the best gutter cleaning service tips. 

  • Placing Downspouts Incorrectly

This is exactly the point where an expert hand makes a difference. The gutter installation contractors know where to place downspouts determining your home design or drainage needs. 

Placing downspouts at the correct location is important as it protects your home from water overflow.

  • The DIY Route

As we mentioned, gutter installation may seem easy but it can be difficult for an untrained homeowner. You are more likely to commit mistakes that can lead to issues in gutters performance as well as heavy expenses. So, it is always recommended to connect with a trusted residential and commercial gutter installation contractor. They will help you get the best gutter drainage system installed in minimum time. 

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