After a long, hectic day, nothing is cooler than having a nice night rest and that’s where the mattress cooling protector comes in. However, getting a suitable mattress protector that’ll improve our rest may be difficult. Below I’ll attempt to provide a guide on what is a mattress protector for subsequent time you’ve got to shop for one.


It is a complement for your mattress that is placed between the bottom sheet and your mattress to guard it from possible stains that it’s going to suffer. Its function is extremely important since most mattresses don’t have enough technology to be ready to repel stains by themselves and once the mattress suffers some eventuality, it’s impossible to completely remove the residue from its interior and this can cause mold inside of this. Its cleaning is very easy and fast since only by putting it in the washer at the temperature indicated on its label, it’ll be clean and ready for its new use.      




They are mattress cooling protectors that can be padded or not, with a high breathability and very comfortable, especially in padding. For greater peace of mind for your respiratory and skin health, there are mattress cooling protectors that include treatments such as anti-mite, aloe vera, bamboo or anti-stain treatments, among others. These classic models can also be found in their reversible format. Another important factor that we have to highlight about these protectors is that the best ones are those made of 100% cotton since apart from protection, they also offer adaptability, softness and comfort.  


Waterproof mattress protectors are ideal for the hottest months of the year when our bodies perspire, eliminating toxins and mineral salts. These can easily penetrate into our mattress causing the appearance of mold or other microorganisms harmful to our health, for this reason incorporating a waterproof cooling protector in your life is the perfect solution to protect, care for and extend the life of your mattress.   

Mattress protector types

They are also perfect for baby mattresses as it protects the mattress from stains that may arise such as an accident with a bottle or a diaper, they are also perfect for the first years of children as they keep the mattress away from mold while preserving its optimal properties for much longer. These protectors, like the classics, can also be found in their reversible variant.  

There are types of waterproof mattress protector namely:

➔  Made of PVC : they offer waterproofing but do not let the mattress perspire. We advise avoiding these types of waterproof protectors since they do not let the mattress breathe and can cause condensation to accumulate inside it and the appearance of mold as a result of it.  


➔  Made of 100% polyurethane, cotton or Tencel   that offer waterproofing and allow the mattress to breathe, keeping it clean and permanently ventilated.  But unfortunately this type of mattress protectors cannot be considered a cooling mattress protector, so if you are looking for a more breathable choice try to avoid this type. 

I believe this will help your choice.

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