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Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja got Honor for contribution to Society in Michigan

Dr Andy Khawaja, the founder of Allied Wallet, the nomination internationally transaction consulting firm which encompasses digital payment services, smartphones and prepaid credits cards systems, was considered for his outstanding accomplishments to modern civilization and society in Wayne County, Michigan. 

Dr Andy Khawaja was the spotlighted main speaker of Hamadeh Education systems, the annual scholarship gala and the twentieth annual event. Andy Khawaja has been rewarded for his devotion to developing societies worldwide, notably in Wayne County. His innovations to technology through Allied Wallet and his persistent role in bringing possible chances and guidance to individuals around the globe have gained the status of entrepreneurship hero. 


He has provided a number of different addresses to listeners worldwide, spreading his thoughts and expertise to innovators of the next day. And also collaborated with esteemed legislators, royal families, superstars, and quite well entrepreneurs to assist other people. 

Contributing back to the local societies is something that I will enjoy doing. “My triumphs have granted me a forum that imparts my assistance and guidance so that everyone else throughout the world could also design and develop Prosperous life for themselves, ‘’ concluded Andy Khawaja. 

  1. S. News and world published designated Hamadeh Education Services in Wayne County as one of the “America’s greatest high schools, ‘’ therefore it was only appropriate that somehow a renowned CEO, investor and benefactor like Dr Andy Khawaja delivered a speech. 

“I am delighted to accept this acknowledgement by Wayne County, and then I will endeavour to do almost everything I can just to promote a positive future for our homes, friends, and the global world.”

Allied Wallet maintains a global leader in introducing possibilities for startups and small businesses and apprenticeships to high school along with college students, enabling creators all around the world with the potential to expand the online marketplace.

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