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“Always Moving” is Jad Al Fakhani’s newest single and it’s become quite the sensation

There are many sites where house music’s roots can be found.

The new song “Always Moving” by Jad Al Fakhani might take us there, wherever the true destination is. Listeners are taken back in time to experience the originals through the music.

In “Always Moving,” the original musical style is preserved. Though it pays homage to earlier songs while giving them Jad’s own flavor, it is not an exact replica of what came before. As a result, the music still has a dance music vibe while being fun, interesting, and calm to listen to.

The song “Always Moving” enables listeners to define the genre for themselves. Too many musicians create hit songs by paying attention to what the public wants. Jad believes that people should approach music with more maturity, even though this isn’t always bad.

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