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Apple And Fitbit Wearable Watch | Best Gadget For Monitoring Heart Beat Rhythm

Apple and Fitbit recently marketed wearable devices for recording heartbeat rhythms. Both companies got overwhelming responses from users. This device  works effectively as it includes the latest technology and research. These devices are primarily based on optical sensors, which help monitor any change in the volume of blood and its pressure. While some other types of devices we saw previously in the market are just like an electrocardiogram which records and analyzes heart activity. Both the methods are successfully running to find out the conditions that affect anyone’s health. Now the question arises of what is new in Apple and Fitbit wearables. The good news is these devices can work on both principles and minimize the risk of heart failure and stroke through easy and quick monitoring. According to research, about 2.7 million Americans face heart issues every year. So this device is really a blessing for them. It is an easy-to-use, accurate, and economical solution to detect irregular heartbeats and martial fibrillation. 

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Moreover, this device also faces some criticism from cardiologists; they have the perception that we cannot rely on this device for the diagnosis of disease and have to conduct further tests to get more reliable results. While on the other hand, vast numbers of doctors and users rate it an excellent addition to health care system support. They thought that the device’s early alarming system was a blessing and could guide the time to go to the physician. In other words, it can save them from massive damage. Thus millions of people in the US and worldwide use this wearable heart examining watch and rely on it.


In short, we can say that this gadget is a significant achievement that diagnoses any harmful scenario in the initial stage and can save one’s life.  

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