Benefits of Using Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower

When trying to choose from a large variety of CBD strains with a high concentration of cannabidiol, cannabis lovers will likely opt for special sauce hemp. This cannabis is becoming really popular due to its invigorating effects. You may not find it with every vendor, but it is a favorite strain for many CBD flower enthusiasts. 

In this article, we will discuss the hemp flower strain and the benefits it offers to users. But first, let us talk about why it is a popular option for lovers of CBD flower.

What Is Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower?

Special sauce CBD hemp flower is a hybrid strain that is known for its sharp berry aroma and pink stigma. Its deep scent and soothing effect make it appetizing for lovers of cannabis and CBD products. 

Although its buds are tiny, they have a burst of hoppy and sweet aromas, combined with a berry and earthy flavor. You can click on to confirm this for yourself. 

History of the Strain

The special sauce strain is known to come from Oregon. It’s a mix of the original strain of special sauce and another cultivar, known as ERB (Early Resin Berry). The two strains produced a new strain that CBD fans have come to love.

The original strain of special sauce contributed its robust CBD profile to the newly formed strain. It also passed down its earthy and woody flavor. Special sauce is majorly Indica and there is no restriction on when you can take it. However, most CBD flower smokers enjoy taking it in the early hours of the day.

Furthermore, the co-parent of special sauce, Early Resin Berry, contributed its fair, fruity, berry flavor. Hence, the CBD flower strain is well-balanced, giving a pleasant experience to dedicated users as well as people who are about to start their journey into the world of cannabis.


Special sauce CBD hemp flower has several hues like orange, brown, and green all over its body. You will also observe that the buds are very small and a bit springy. This makes the weed appear attractive.

Additionally, the plant has robust leaves that are olive green with traces of golden amber, pink, and dark purple. It is small but its lovely nugs are decorated with shimmering and bright trichomes with fiery and rusty pistils. More so, its buds are sticky and tough, making it difficult to split. You will therefore need the aid of a grinder to disintegrate it.


You have to taste the special sauce hemp flower when you want to examine its flavor. A floral punch and sweetness complement the aroma. This is closely followed by a woody and dark flavor. 

Another interesting thing about this plant is that it does not pose any difficulty when you are smoking it. Hence, you will not experience any kind of harsh feeling on your lungs and throat. It settles in easily, leaving you with a smooth feeling of satisfaction.

Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Smell

The flower has a hoppy astringent and sweet berry aroma. You can also smell a trace of vanilla flavor. The plant’s fresh scent is a result of the large number of terpenes found in it. This smell offers a combination of soothing and relaxing sensation. It also smells like citrus when smoked and it’s very easy to exhale and inhale. 

How Will Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Help You?

Special sauce flower holds a lot of benefits for its users. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Improves sleep and relaxes your muscles
  2. Takes away disturbing or discomforting thoughts
  3. Awakens your mind
  4. Alleviates pain
  5. Helps you to enjoy life
  6. Heightens and balances your mood
  7. Combats anxiety and depression
  8. Relieves stress 

Its antianxiety effects can be felt a few minutes after the first puff. And this is closely followed by a pain-relieving effect, which makes it good for migraines and acute pains. You will experience the strongest effect of special sauce about 30 minutes after smoking it. 

Furthermore, the hemp flower is used in cases of cancer, seizures, and cramps. When used in addition to professional therapy, it can help to alleviate psychiatric problems such as depression, apathy, and panic attacks. Also, it works well with other cannabidiol products like topicals and oils.

You can find more useful information about CBD in this article.


Special sauce hemp has many benefits and near-zero risks. You cannot get “high” with it and it won’t distort your thinking and perception because it is usually difficult to overdose. So, if you are looking for a marijuana strain that offers powerful and safe healing effects, special sauce is a good choice.

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