Best Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Instagram Business

Marketing your products on Instagram is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to eCommerce businesses. If you are not using Instagram to market your products then you are just missing a lot of opportunities and not using your resources to the max. You can get acquainted with a whole new market and audience that comprises more than 500 million users who use the platform daily and more than half of them follow at least one business profile. 


Instagram is one of the social media platforms that is trending to be one of the best platforms that support eCommerce businesses. You can get updates on Instagram shops and get a checkout button for your eCommerce store. Let’s find out how you can use Instagram Shop and grow your Instagram business. 


An Instagram Shop helps you integrate your products mentioned in your catalog and add them to your Instagram profile. To ensure business growth you also have to get yourself high-speed internet and reliable internet service like the ones offered by CenturyLink. CenturyLink internet prices are also very consistent and users don’t get to experience any sudden price hikes that could impact your budget. 


Instagram Shop Profile Tab

One of the best ways to use your Instagram Shop and tag your products in your posts just like the way you can tag your friends. It adds a little shopping icon with your image and then users can tap the photo and view their prices featured and look at product pages by tapping on the labels. 


Use Instagram Product Stickers 

These stickers are available only for businesses operating in selected countries. If your business is listed in one of those selected countries, then you can use these stickers and add them on videos, highlights, and even on the swipe-ups.


Now that you are familiar with a few basic elements of your Instagram shop, let’s have a look at different benefits of using Instagram Shop:


There is a lot of traffic that might generate in your online shop as there are so many businesses that are spending too much. This can be extremely difficult to get your customer’s attention as brands today invest more in Marketing and are very innovative when it comes to get people’s attention and visit your store abandoning your social media platform. A good idea is to let your store come to your customers as it can be more convenient for them to do so. 


Instagram shops make the purchasing process less complicated and make it easier for shoppers to look for the required product in the catalog, check for prices, and get more information on a certain product. 


One of the new Instagram features adds more value and ease to your shopping experience by providing a one-tap solution where users can go to different articles of all colors and sizes and then make the payment even when they are using Instagram. After placing the order, the information of the users that includes names, emails, billing information, and their shipping addresses gets saved in Facebook’s database. This helps businesses to send them notifications and alerts to process and deliver products. 


Instagram is an ideal platform for people to connect with their target audience and make strong customer relationships. One of the things that you might consider as a limitation of the platform is that you can’t copy paste a clickable link in the product description.


Instagram shops help you integrate your Instagram content in a very seamless way with your store and many top brands practice this and feature their products of some kind. Also, you can tailor your product promotions in your posts and stories and avoid any kind of problems caused by asking your followers to click on the link mentioned in the bio. 


You can get more exposure for your products and you can get more sales when you tag your product in a post and get your post included in Instagram’s new feature that goes by the Shopping Explore tab. 


You can increase the engagement on your Instagram using optimized hashtags and get your products to appear in the Shopping Explore tab. Also, it gets your brand more exposure so that your target market gets personalized brands and products on their profile based on users’ interests and past engagements. 


Key Takeaways

Businesses in the current digital age are competing relentlessly to get more sales and use almost any social media and digital platform to expand their horizon. One of the best ways to use social media and other digital platforms is to be more creative and use more innovative to market products. Instagram is one of such platforms that can help you get more exposure and sales because of its user-base and because of a more personal touch than other platforms and media. 


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