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Can You Fix a Broken Bra Underwire?

Bras are a huge investment. Some women spend well over $100 per bra just to find one that fits right. That’s why there’s nothing more disheartening than the moment when you feel the underwire in your bra snap in half.

Does a broken bra underwire mean that your expensive bra is destined for the garbage bin? There are actually a couple of solutions that might save you the heartache of buying a new bra. Read on to learn all about the fixes for a broken underwire!

Sewing Fix

Grab some duct tape, clear nail polish, and a needle and upholstery thread. Pull one end of the broken underwire out beyond the seam by about three inches. Wrap the end of the underwire with a one-inch piece of duct tape, and do the same with the other end of the underwire.

Thread the underwire back into the bra. Use about 6-8 inches of upholstery thread and sew the gap in the fabric closed. Once you’re finished sewing, create a knot to tie off the upholstery thread.

Finally, paint over the stitch with clear nail polish to prevent it from coming undone. Allow the nail polish to dry completely before wearing the bra again.

Apply a Patch

Applying a patch is probably the easiest way to fix a broken bra underwire. All you’ll need is some moleskin and a pair of scissors.

Push the exposed underwire back into the bra. Then, grab your scissors and cut the moleskin into a patch that’s large enough to cover the hole and the area around it. Apply the patch to the hole and press down for about 30 seconds to make sure that it adheres to your bra.

Typically, patches are strong enough to withstand multiple washings. You’ll be able to get much more life out of your bra this way!

Consider a New Bra

If these fixes aren’t standing up to the broken underwire in your bra, then it’s probably time to consider getting a new bra altogether. Visit your local lingerie store to make sure that you’re wearing the right size bra. Correct sizing and proper care help reduce the risk of broken underwires in the future.

There are some bras that don’t necessarily utilize underwires or padded cups to help support you. Unlined bras, for example, are a great option if you’re looking for a lighter bra. You can learn more about unlined bra here.

Don’t Let a Broken Bra Underwire Get You Down!

You know the feeling of a broken bra underwire well. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to signal the end of your expensive bra’s life.

If your bra wire came out, consider trying the sewing fix to see if that puts an end to your underwire issues. If you want something simpler, apply a moleskin patch, and you’ll be good to go. Buying a new bra should be your last resort with these two fixes available.

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