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CEO and Founder of Allied Wallet – Dr. Andy Khawaja Honored for Great Innovation in Africa by Forbes

One of the world-known Global FinTech companies – Allied Wallet, proposes different online money processing solutions worldwide. In recent times, he got the award from Micheal Forbes and an honorary certificate while commemorating the Allied Wallet contributions towards Africa. 

The Chief Executive officer of Allied Wallet – Dr. Andy Khawaja, was recently spotted at the New York City event. At this time, Michael Forbes recognizes and cordially congratulates Dr. Andy Khawaja on his colossal achievement and struggle of connecting Africa to the entire world. It was indeed an appreciable work that requires hard effort. 

Andy Khawaja said in this meet-up, “It truly honor for me that Forbes recognizes us for our great effort in Africa, but I would like to say that it is just an initiatory step.” Further, he stated, “Besides, we have more potential to bring novel opportunities and capabilities to modulate the entrepreneurship in Africa.”

In Africa, Allied Wallet is stepping to make more opportunities and bring up to one billion influential individuals to show their capabilities in online payment technologies. It meant a lot. In this way, Andy Khawaja gave the statement and said, “We are ambitious, and it is one of our prime aims to associate with Africa’s people to promote the novel growth and entrepreneurship in this specific region.”

That’s why Dr. Andy Khawaja has received the appreciation and honour certificate, which was sealed and stamped through Forbes. It is mentioned as “Allied Wallet – One and Only Outstanding Leader in Africa.”

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