Chest Workouts For Women: Must Read

Lifting your breast is needed for all ages of women because it the most enhancing part of a woman’s body chest exercises offer a host of benefits.

Well, when someone asked when did you done the chest exercise last time all we have some mixed answers or some says they don’t remember we all do workouts for enhancing muscles, removing fat to make abs perfect but what we forget is doing a chest workout it is because we don’t know the benefit of it or some women are not interested doing regular chest workout.

There are a lot of benefits we can get while doing chest exercise.

  •     It will get you rid of everyday perks sometimes you use your pecs in awful during everyday activities anything that goes with lifting, squeezing, pushing calls on your pecs, So if you can do some effort in exercise and get rid of this then you must go with chest workout.
  •     People say that doing heavy cardio or a lot of chest exercises will make breasts smaller, but doing Pectoral workouts does exactly the opposite this provides your chest more lift and support.
  •     It will improve your posture because pecs play an important role in your body. This is the largest muscle of your upper body so it is needed to maintain a good posture for this also helps your back shoulder muscles.
  •     chest exercise provides you with easy breathing. When you start working on breast exercise you will realize the easiness in your breathing and provide you the best one.

Some don’t know the benefits of Chest exercise so they don’t do it. Apart from all these benefits you also get the results from exercises all you need to do is do these exercises to get a perfect tone figure.

Lying Dumbell chest

This one is a very classy and effective exercise for the chest that will work on your pectorals muscles. All you need is just a pair of dumbbells and a stability ball.

How to do this:

  •     Lay down on a stability ball make a balance hold the dumbbells in each hand your place your feet on the floor with a little shoulder-width apart.
  •     Raise your arms straight above your chest with palms facing.
  •     Make a fly motion and spread your arms then slowly lower them until the dumbbell is at a level of the chest. Same and bring your arms back.
  •     Do 3 sets of 10 reps then rest for a few seconds.

 Chest stretch while standing.

This one will help you to prevent any kind of chest injury and do this to stretch the muscles.

How to do this:

  •     Take an erect position and tighten up your abs.
  •     Then lift your arms and roll your shoulder and bend in a way so your forearms should be parallel to your face then push your hands back and open up the chest. Hold for a few seconds.
  •     Do 10 reps then rest at least 10 8-10 seconds.


  •     Wide push-ups

This one we all surely know because it is the regular push-ups which we all do due to the placement of hands that concentrate to the chest muscles most.

How to do:

  •     Tighten your abs and take the push up position.
  •     Make your hand should be wider than shoulders width apart.
  •     Then press down through your elbow and come up slowly and push yourself to the starting position.
  •     Do 3 sets of 10 rest then rest for a while.


  •     Isometric chest workout

This workout doesn’t need any single equipment. It is an isometric workout so you need to use your whole body strength to work the muscles without any movement.

How to do:

  •     Stand straight, fix your feet on the floor shoulder-width- apart and should be relaxed.
  •     Then place your hands in front of your chest and press both hands in the opposite position.
  •     Hold the pose for at least 10 seconds and then release.
  •     Do 1 set of 10 reps.


  •     Dumbbell Bridge Chest Press

This will work on your chest as well as your glutes and back all you need is just a pair of dumbbells for this.

How to do:

  •     Take a dumbbell in each hand and lie down on your back, keep your feet flat and extend your hands right above your chest.
  •     Lift your hip and pressure your glutes and slowly low down the dumbbell.
  •     Lift them by straightening your hands.
  •     Do 3 sets of 12 reps and rest in between.


  •     Push-Up with Medicine Ball.

This one is challenging because it challenges all your upper body strength. All you need is just some practice for this and need two medicine balls.

How to do:

  •     Take 2 medicine balls and place them on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  •     Place your palm on each ball and flex your toes. Then go down with your elbow support and come up.

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