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Cover of the Industry Era Magazine awarded the Andy Khawaja as Entrepreneur of the year:

The famous company Allied Wallet is the best provider of the online payment solutions. They are providing their services in more than 190 countries. But the main thing is that the Industry Era Magazine awarded the Andy Khawaja as the best Entrepreneur of the year. 

However, the Allied Wallet Company and its CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja both are accepted for their amazing innovations and they are coming in different headlines. Their amazing products are not only for the digital payment world but also for the entire commerce industry. 

However, the Allied Wallet Company give importance to the needs and the goals of every single country. Other than this, Dr. Andy Khawaja said that “our main motive is to connect all the people of every country, another thing that we want is to secure all types of online transaction which people perform at the time of buying and selling.”

Besides this, the Allied Wallet Company delivered online payment solutions to many countries. If we talk about the countries where Dr. Andy Khawaja provides payment solutions then it includes France, Israel, South Korea, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, Malaysia, Norway, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, Peru, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, and many more.

Dr. Andy Khawaja is considered the “true leader”, especially in the Era of Industry. Other than this they disclose that the fortune was not the goal of Dr. Andy Khawaja. However, the main goal of Dr. Andy Khawaja is to protect both buyers and sellers through creative payment solutions, and also to improve the economy by providing products and services.

However, Dr. Andy Khawaja said that “I always want to give all the things back that I got. I want to give success to other people.” He also said that I am very happy and excited to be recognized as the “best Entrepreneur of the Year.”

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