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Debunking the Latest SEO Marketing Myths That Exist Today

Are you wanting to improve your ability to implement search engine optimization (SEO)?

If so, you need to know which sets of advice to believe and which are marketing myths. Unfortunately, as SEO continues to grow and change, new myths will arise.
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These sometimes cause business owners to change the way they do SEO. If you fall for every myth, you’ll end up losing your good rankings and not getting as many customers. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 most common marketing myths surrounding SEO today. Keep reading so you can avoid making costly SEO mistakes!

SEO Is No Longer Useful

Every once in a while, someone in the marketing industry will come out with a piece announcing the death of SEO. 

Quite frankly, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. SEO isn’t the only form of innovative marketing for the internet, but it still plays a leading role. 

If you give up on using SEO, you’ll no longer rank as well in search engine results. This will make it harder for you to get customers in the future.

Yet, search engines change their algorithms every once in a while. So, what works for you one year might not work the next. As such, you should focus on evolving your SEO strategy to suit your company’s needs.

Long-Tail Keywords Will Get You to the Top

If you’re in charge of keyword research, you may have heard people say that long-tail keywords are easier to rank for.

One of the big marketing myths is that long-tail keywords have many words in them. This isn’t true. In fact, to qualify as a long-tail keyword, a word or phrase only needs to have a low monthly search volume. This means that few people type it into a search engine every month.

Some people assume that the low search volume makes it easy to rank with this keyword. However, this isn’t necessarily true. A long-tail keyword sometimes has a high ranking difficulty level. You can find a keyword’s difficulty by looking at the keyword difficulty section of a free keyword research tool.

Content No Longer Matters

Content still serves as one of the best measures of authority and relevance. Algorithms want their results to remain both relevant and reliable. 

If you publish a lot of content on one topic, the algorithms will know what your site is about. This will help them rank you when someone makes a relevant inquiry. 

In addition, content gives you the chance to use more keywords and links. This, in turn, boosts your SEO.

Want to add in more links? Learn about SEO anchor text.

Go Beyond the Marketing Myths

If you’re ready to move beyond marketing myths, you need to take a hard look at your SEO strategy.

Your strategy should include keywords that are relevant to your products or services. Using a free keyword research tool, look for words or phrases that people might use to find companies like yours.

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