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Dr. Andy Khawaja Interviewed by the Asian Magazine talks that is “Startups”

Dr. Andy Khawaja was born in Lebanon and after that, he came to the United States when he was a teenager. He worked in the high-end retail industry for many years and owned a chain of retail businesses with shops on Rodeo Drive and at The Las Vegas MGM. Dr. Andy recognized there would be a demand for a payment method when the internet began to expand.


Dr. Andy’s experience dealing with foreign clients helped him to understand international commerce in-depth, and he sought to develop a system for linking global business owners with the help of Allied Wallet Company. They began by selling through word of mouth ten years ago, and now they are providing their services to more than 150 million merchants in 190 countries.


Interviewer: What exactly Allied Wallet Company is? Tell us in your own words


Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is the world’s most rapidly expanding payment processor that helps businesses process payments from their customers. This can be done securely and swiftly, even for startups. Our award-winning APIs help protects businesses from fraud and allows them to process payments in more than 150 different currencies, making it easier for businesses to operate internationally.


Interviewer: How did you get the concept of Allied Wallet Company?


Andy Khawaja: I founded this firm ten years ago after being inspired to provide small and medium-sized enterprises around the world with the means to grow their operations on a worldwide scale. I saw an opportunity for improved secure methods of foreign transaction processing that no one else was addressing, this left room for fraud, which can ruin a business.


Interviewer: Could you explain the process of starting the Allied Wallet Company?


Andy Khawaja: We provide merchants with a secure checkout page on their website when they visit us. Our inside underwriting team analyzes the paperwork and transmits them an approval email with the secured checkout page code for their website. We may have the changes implemented in as little as 12 hours if we do it all ourselves.


Interviewer: Did you face any challenges when starting your business?


Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet was not started with money from investors. Our company was started with my own money. I believed in Allied Wallet and our team, so we worked hard to make it successful.


Interviewer: Allied Wallet started in a certain way. How did it continue to grow?


Andy Khawaja: We have always focused on security to make sure our gateway is very safe and to stop fraud. We have also created different types of products, like the NextGen gateway, virtual wallet, and also our pre-paid card. We are always making new and amazing products to give help our merchants.


Interviewer: So far, what kind of comments have you received about Allied Wallet?


Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is well-known all over the world. We’re constantly winning accolades for our excellent processing capabilities and our dedication to ensuring that our merchants succeed. People trust Allied Wallet for their companies, as shown by the 200-500% annual growth rate.


Interviewer: Do you feel that there is a lot of competition in this sector, particularly from companies like Allied Wallet?


Andy Khawaja: We enjoy different types of competition. PayPal is, without a doubt, one of our most important direct rivals, but they have a distinct system and we contain a worldwide outlook with greater flexibility for different businesses. The payments business is competitive, yet Allied Wallet stands out thanks to its low fees, outstanding in-house customer service, and diverse payment options to link with, and secure system to avoid fraud.


Interviewer: What are your thoughts on the current competition in the industry?


Andy Khawaja: For new companies, the market is extremely competitive and frightening. Before you go into it, there are several factors to consider when accepting credit cards online, and you need a safe gateway to avoid the different types of fraud.


Interviewer: What are the trends in this industry and how can you stay up-to-date?


Andy Khawaja: It is fact that the digital payments industry is only going to develop. You see that too many individuals pay with the help of mobile apps or cards instead of cash, which means too many people want the best way to pay electronically. Allied Wallet Company is always evolving and developing new solutions in order to maintain our position as one of the world’s most dependable processors.


Interviewer: What do you think about Asian entrepreneurship versus Western entrepreneurship?


Andy Khawaja: In Asia, being an entrepreneur is very different from operating in other parts of the world, such as the United States or Europe. There are several law and regulations to consider, but most importantly there is a distinct work ethic. I’m always struck by how hard Asian business leaders work and how far they’ll go to achieve their objectives.


Interviewer: What does success mean to you?


Andy Khawaja: Being able to help others reach their goals is a wonderful thing, and it’s something that we can all aspire to. Achieving your objectives and working hard are both good things. Make sure you surround yourself with people who work hard and believe in you. Making an impact is something to be proud of.


Interviewer: What was the driving force behind your decision to start your own business?


Andy Khawaja: I’ve always been a self-starter. I used to pick shell casings on the street as a youngster in Lebanon and exchange them for money. When I came to America, I worked hard for different jobs to ensure that it thrived and expanded, eventually establishing my own firm.


Interviewer: What is your opinion about the most essential ingredients to entrepreneurial success?

Andy Khawaja: Hard work and a positive attitude are the keys to success. You won’t succeed as an entrepreneur if you don’t have both of them.

Interviewer: Aside from your individual expertise, any final words of wisdom for entrepreneurs out there based on your own experience?

Andy Khawaja: I’d want to tell all of the entrepreneurs out there that it’s all about perseverance and hard work. Nothing can prevent you from achieving your objectives if you work hard, put in the time, and pick a reputable, secure processing company that you can trust to help you expand. Every day when you don’t use to work towards your future is a day wasted.

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