On social networks, the young man mounted a massive Covid aid scam. Nicknamed “AVHM”, Lance Avraham Peña was recognized to have set up a “business” at the time of the health crisis. He would have filled out falsified forms, on behalf of self-employed or self-employed people, for the business solidarity fund set up in March 2020. An investigation was set up.

the 19-year-old young man acted by controlling a structured network, one of the investigators declared “it is a disturbance to public order, he is however fully aware of what he is doing but believes himself to be above the law, him and several teams looted money from the public fund”

For the moment, the amount of damage is estimated at more than 1,500,000 euros in this case in the space of a few months, it remains to be determined the amount of commissions that the young scammer was able to collect and if he is linked to the others. teams. scammers who were also able to profit from this vast scam, including influencer Paul Antony alias “PA7” who looted more than 7 million euros from the state and other Nigerian teams who also took advantage of this gigantic loophole on the state website.


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