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Error (0x0 0x0) [Golang /Window10/64bit] (Problem Solved )

The 0x0 0x0 error code has many possible causes. System entries that conflict with system items or improperly configured system settings are the most frequent causes of the error code “0x0.”


These problems can be fixed by specialized software that retrieves system parts and modifies system parameters to restore stability.


This article describes the problem and offers suggestions for fixing it with the help of Google.


What is error code 0x0 0x0?

The error code 0x0 provides details about the malfunction. It also contains information about the system component, the cause or application that was affected, and any other things.


The manufacturer or distributor of the faulty component or application can frequently decode the problem’s numerical code by using the data it includes. There are various locations in the system where this code could lead to issues.


Even though the name may have a meaning, users may have trouble identifying the issue’s cause without the right software or technical know-how.


0x0 0x0 because of error code


This warning indicates that your operating system has issues. Your operating system may not be up to par if the error code 0x0 appears. A program withdrawal or failed software installation could be responsible for this.


The system’s sudden shutdown is yet another possible reason. For example, a power outage or the deletion of system files or element entries by a non-technical person.


How errors 0x0 or 0x0 can be resolved?

Advanced PC users may be able to fix the problem by directly modifying the system item. Others could require a technician’s help.

However, any manipulation of Windows system files could prevent the operating system from booting. Users should use specialist software that is not designed to destroy Windows system elements if they lack confidence in their technical abilities or understanding.

The user must have the necessary skill.

Some methods for solving the issue include the following:


First, Download a PC repair app.

Install the application

Click Scan Now button to detect the possible problem sources.

To fix errors, select “Fix All” from the menu.

The same programme can be used as prevention in order to reduce chances of system problems in the future.

0x0 Status


Your computer will provide you with this warning message if there has been a malfunction with the way your system is operating. The incorrect installation of software might result in an error code of “0x0.” This can cause the system to have invalid entries.


What is 0x0 C++?


The numbers “0” and “0x0” are comparable to C++. A sign that a value is the hexadecimal representation of a number is its “0x” prefix. For example, 0x5 == 5 In addition, the hexadecimal value 0xA (in base 16)== 10 (in base 10).

How to resolve this issue?


(I have an activated version of Windows 10 64-bit )


The HTTP handler won’t come back at all. Once you have generated your output, you must return it so that the connection can be broken.

you are in an enabled recursion that will never end and finally overflow the stack. What is print() used for? –


Burak Serdar

Sep 9, ’19 at 21.19


Len, cap, and println are components of the combined function known as a print. It doesn’t have as many features as the print functions in fmt.


Redirecting the output print that was shown on the screen was challenging. When an error is null, it prints (0x0 0x0); I’m not sure why it appears to be trying two fields, but if it isn’t, then there shouldn’t be any. You are calling that function at the bottom, as @bserdar pointed out. You probably won’t want to do this.

Corey Ogburn



Sep 9, ’19 at 21.24


@CoreyOgburn It’s a built-in print feature that I was unaware of. It appears to be printing the value’s internals. (The error is an interface, and the type and value are both 0x00x0.)


Burak Serdar


Sep 9, ’19 at 21.27


@bserdar The tools print and println are more of a hassle than a help. These cannot take the place of FMT. fmt and print. Println


You won’t be able to format anything, they say. Structs are not printed in the same manner. They appear to print more through stdout than directly to the terminal. They are annoying, therefore I would not suggest them. –



Ingrid Ogburn


Sep 9, ’19 at 21.32

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