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Explained, A Closer Look: 80 for Brady Ending

80 For Brady

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 31: (L-R) Rita Moreno, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field attend the Los Angeles Premiere Screening of Paramount Pictures' "80 For Brady" at Regency Village Theatre on January 31, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The “Over 80 For Brady” association is attempting to see Tom Brady play in the Super Bowl, but is there any truth to this incredible story?

The four ladies who join the “80 For Brady” organization after watching Tom Brady and decide to embark on an adventure to watch him play in the Super Bowl are played by Jane Fonda (Trish), Sally Field (Betty), Rita Monero (Maura), and Lily Tomlin (Lou). 80 For Brady concentrates on the 2017 Super Bowl LI, where Tom Brady experienced a record-breaking 7th Super Bowl.

80 For Brady, originally slated for a streaming release on Paramount+, has instead been released in theatres by Paramount Pictures, starring an ensemble cast of award-winning actors. Tom Brady, the hero of the “Over 80 for Brady” organization, co-produced and featured in the film 80 For Brady with a few other football greats.

Explained 80 for Brady’s Ending

Elaine, Betty, Anita, Pat, and Claire, five friends of seventy years, formed the first 80 For Brady club. The football enthusiasts had known one other for a long time.

Still, after each of them lost a soulmate, they became even nearer due to their shared dedication to the New England Patriots, particularly the player always mentioned by their name: Tom Brady. Their weekly meetings to watch Brady and the Patriots gained them the appellation “Over 80 For Brady” from their fellow fans.

Elaine and Betty began the group’s core, fast followed by Anita, Claire, and Pat. The pals told on CBS Sunday Morning that they had understood one another for a long time and that scanning football on weekends had gotten them closer together. Betty’s grandson even created them matching t-shirts to celebrate their membership in the “Over 80 For Brady” group.

Is it true that the Real 80 for Brady Club has never attended a Super Bowl?

Seeing Tom Brady play in the Super Bowl, where multiple movie trailers get their world premieres (irony alert!), is the driving force after 80 For Brady. The 80 For Brady club’s mission is subsidized by sharing their touching backstory & funny stories.

The plot’s primary goal is to catch the Super Bowl, which they do. They get to see Tom Brady & the Patriots win. The genuine “Over 80 For Brady” group never worried about traveling to the Super Bowl since they kept the Patriots from home and claimed the night matches were too late for them.

Did Tom Brady Assemble the Real 80 for Brady Club?

Ironically, Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while his production company, 199 Productions, purchased 80 For Brady and cast the performers in the film Grace and Frankie. Brady issued a video welcome to the ladies describing his role in conceiving the plot after 80 For Brady was authorized.

According to Betty’s CBS interview, the group was stunned after hearing Brady’s message. Only Betty and Elaine were invited to a private screening of 80 For Brady, which was disappointing for the other females.

There are two days of filming with all of the stars, including West Side Story’s Fonda, Tomlin, Field, and Rita Monero, and Brady makes a brief appearance where he meets the ladies. Despite the VIP screening and video message, the true “Over 80 For Brady” club has yet to see its hero. Following the release of 80 For Brady, Elaine and Betty told CBS that they “had best hurry up!” to meet him before they died.

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