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For the first time since its launch, HBO Max’s price is rising.


For both new and current subscribers to the streaming service, HBO Max has announced an increase in monthly fees. The biggest streaming service operated by Warner Bros. Discovery has recently been under intense public attention due to the withdrawal of important original series like Westworld and Raised by Wolves. After delaying two nearly finished movies from prominent properties, Scoob: Holiday Haunt and Batgirl, the streaming service came under fire. Warner Bros. Discovery’s efforts to reduce costs have been a major factor in many of HBO Max’s recent decisions.

Deadline reports that on February 11, all subscribers to HBO Max will see a $1 increase in their monthly membership fees. Based on current price rankings, the new $15.99 monthly cost makes HBO Max the priciest streaming service. It’s unclear how this price increase will affect the upcoming merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ into one package. In response to the price hike, Warner Bros. Discovery also issued the following statement:

Why the Price Increase for HBO Max Makes Sense

The price hike for HBO Max makes sense in light of Warner Bros. Discovery’s future intentions, even though it may not be good news for users who don’t want to pay an extra dollar for the streaming service. HBO Max and Discovery+ will combine into one streaming service at some point in 2023; it’s not yet clear if the merger will result in a new streaming service or just content migration. HBO Max’s price hike might be a clue that content from Discovery+ will go directly to HBO Max. A replacement for HBO Max has been discussed for some time, but this recent price increase may signal it’s a permanent change.

The price rise for HBO Max coincides with the pricing increases for other significant streaming services over the past 12 months, including Netflix and Disney+. This price probably rises from various streaming services are necessary to maintain the profitability of these practical entertainment services. The Last of Us & Dune: The Sisterhood, two important future HBO series, probably have huge budgets that a more expensive service must balance. HBO Max may continue to exist for some time, despite Warner Bros. Discovery’s plans for 2023 still being in the air. It is because of the latest price rise.

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