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Forspoken: How to Rise The Medicine Pouch Capacity


To avoid multiple fatalities, first-time gamers of the action role-playing game Forspoken should keep enough healing materials on hand. As players make their way across Forspoken’s territories, they will certainly come into danger.

In Forspoken, players will require many healing supplies and potions, which are stored in the player’s Medical Bag. Moreover, players may expand the capacity of the Medicine Pouch by gathering a crafting component known as Nuggets.

How to Raise Medicine Pouch Capacity In Forspoken

Players must gather Nuggets if they want their Medicine Pouch in Forspoken to contain even more restorative goods.

Players can earn these crafting goods by visiting the merchant and purchasing Nuggets directly or completing Detours, as some of them provide Nuggets as a reward. In Forspoken, the technique is largely similar, although players may find Nuggets by finding Chests spread across the globe or fighting Forspoken’s optional monsters.

Players can head to the crafting table with their Nuggets collected and select ‘craft.’ From inside this list, participants will see the recipes to create a Healing Daught or raise the capacities of the Medicine & Materials Pouches.

If they want to take this activity, they should pick the ‘Expand Medication Pouch capacity’ option. The initial Medicine Pouch upgrade takes 3 Nuggets, and players who have enough can upgrade the Pouch by holding the action button.

When players search for additional old coins in Forspoken, they should also look for Nuggets, allowing them to enhance their Medical Bag.

While the plot and magical aspects of the game encourage players to employ a variety of healing remedies, their Medicine Pouch is likely to be depleted. However, with the possibility to enhance the capacity of this Pouch, players will always be prepared for even the most difficult adversaries that Forspoken has to offer.

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