How To Add A Profile On Netflix And Change Netflix Profile Picture?

Netflix is arguably the most well-known streaming site that is used all around the world. It has a large subscriber base who tend to use it daily for satisfying and quenching their need for entertainment. The millions of users that Netflix has can easily add a profile and can change their Netflix profile picture without any hassle. All they have to do is that they have to follow a few simple steps and they can attain the above-mentioned desired goals. You can visit a website name techgfi where i recently checked some guide about best alternatives of streaming sites like Netflix, kissanime, kisscartoon and many others.

Profiles made on this platform can be easily customized. It has to be remembered that the end-users are the primary target for any platform and customizing to their needs will ensure consumer loyalty.

Steps To Change The Profile Picture On Netflix

There are multiple steps that one can follow if they want to change the profile picture that they have. If followed sequentially and appropriately, users can get what they want as their profile picture. It will ensure a more personal experience for the concerned user which in the long run will increase the satisfaction that they get by making use of the platform Netflix. Below are mentioned the steps to do so sequentially.

  • At the very outset what one needs to do is to go on to their most favourite browser and then proceed to log in to their account. It is a very basic step that is required to be fulfilled if one wants to change one profile picture.
  • One can find that in the upper right section there is a particular area from where a dropdown menu can be selected. Once done properly, users will get a lot of options to select from them and they will have to select the arrow next to the profile icon.
  • The next step that one has to complete is to select the option of “Manage Profiles”
  • There will then be seen a pencil-shaped edit icon. One has to click on the particular profile which they wish to change.
  • Once on the next screen, what has to be done is to click on the icon of edit that is situated on the profile picture.
  • Multiple options will be found by the user. They will be spoiled for choices as there will be countless pictures from which they can easily choose one which they think will suit them the best. Usually what happens is that the pictures are from the characters from prominent Netflix shows. Hence there is also an aspect of relatable content that the users might find.
  • Finally, all they have to do is to select the “Let’s do it” option to secure their choice of profile icon.
  • After everything is accomplished, a small step will be left, that is to select the option of saving. It will be saved then.

Ways to customize Netflix Profile

As said above, there are certain sequential steps that one needs to follow to customize their Netflix profiles. Those steps are mentioned as follows:

  • One has to again go on to the page of “Manage Profiles”
  • Then what has to be done is to select the profile which one wishes to customize
  • In the case of editing, they will be offered several options. They include Maturity settings, language, name, the ability to delete the account, and autoplay. One has to then select what they want to accomplish.
  • One can customize their name if they wish to
  • In the case of languages, there are numerous options that one can avail suiting their convenience
  • Most interestingly one can restrict the account from others to view. This feature comes most beneficially to parents who want to keep an eye on their growing children.
  • Whether or not a user decides to automatically play the next episode of a series they are watching can be decided through the option of autoplay.
  • Even the facility to delete one’s account is provided.
  • However one has to ‘save’ every choice.


To sum up, one can say that it is largely a user-friendly venture to customize profile pictures and profiles on the platform of Netflix. All of these are done primarily so that the users can get quality experience from using and paying for this service.

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