How to Get a Free Domain Name And Web Hosting

Are you first starting your own website and don’t have money for hosting? What if we tell you, there’s a way to get a free domain name and hosting? Use the website name generator for free and read our article. Below you’ll know different modes of how to get a domain name and hosting for free. Or, almost for free.

3 Way How to Get a Hosting And Domain For Free

A user’s journey to any web page always starts from the click to the name of the site. But choosing this name often comes at a price. Luckily, we know how to get a website domain for free if you set it up on a budget. 

#1 Almost-Free Offer

Some hosting companies give a free first year for all types of plans. As a rule, these are the best providers, so their offer is a great choice for website owners who want to start a business.

One of such hosts is Bluehost company which offers a free domain name included in all annual plans. You can select a domain that matches your goals directly from the provider’s page. Bluehost has a 1-month money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind, you can return the fee.

The popular provider and the world’s largest domain name registrar GoDaddy also offers a site name at no charge. Buying any annual plan client will get a free domain. 

Google cloud hosting is another good option for students and small businesses. Each plan is based on pay-per-use, and all new customers have $300 credit, which is enough for a year. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great platform for all users who’re just getting started with your online business. In the view of some experts, Amazon is one of the best free hosting for testing websites.

Conclusions: getting a free domain, even if it’s just for the first year, is a profitable variant for students and small businesses. 

#2 Fully Free Subdomain

While the high-reputation hosting companies are the best way of getting a domain name for free, there are also other alternative options without charge. It is, for example, website builders with a subdomain (a site name in a site name). 

Wix is one of the website builders that offer free domain and hosting. The plan includes 500 MB of storage, access to page templates, 500 MB of bandwidth, and subdomain. The last one represents in this format: Free service implies the Wix logo and advertising on your website. 

WordPress is another popular web page builder. Besides unpaid subdomain (, it offers access to templates for creating your own online portal and 3 GB storage. 

The third variant you can use is Weebly. This site builder gives subdomain, ready-made templates, and 500 MB of storage. To get rid of ads, you can upgrade to a paid plan.  

Conclusions: this is not an ideal alternative to a real hosting provider. Reliable and high-reputation websites don’t have such long and difficult to remember names. You can use a site builder for a blog or small e-shop. But if your business has grown, you should ditch the subdomain in favor of a classic memorable, and short name. 

#3 Not Recommended Services And Programs

Domain registrar may offer you a free domain. As compensation, you should post ads on your website. That sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Absolutely, no. First, you won’t have any control over the ad placement. Plus, it will damage your SEO ranking and your brand reputation in general. In the end, you wouldn’t see any money from those ads.

Another non-recommended option is free top-level domain services. It offers to register your domain with a code of a country like Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, or the Central African Republic. If you read reviews about this service, you’ll find criticism only. With this offer, get ready for adult content, malicious ads, and removing the domain. This is not a pleasant experience, agree? 

We hope our article will help you choose a free hosting and website name that is perfectly matched with your online project requirements.

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