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How to wash a Real leather jacket?

Leather jacket is good in all aspects, but their caring is also very demanding. People who love original material always ask whether they can wash their real leather jackets or not. So, our article contains the all-majors points regarding how to wash a real leather jacket? Things can be done manually or automatically with safety measurements.

Is Washing Machine a Doable Thing?

The washing machine has made life more accessible, and everyone uses it for quick washing. According to our research, to some extent, you can wash your real leather jackets in the machine if you have proper knowledge about your texture, otherwise you should be ready to bear some discoloration.

The best way to wash your real leather jacket is to use a laundry bag and keep your item with all fastening of zippersand buttons. Place the bag in the washing machine, use cold water and start a gentle cycle with short rounds. Please do not use a machine dryer for drying; hang your jacket in a wooden hanger and keep it in an open place where natural air passes quickly. Be aware that direct sunlight will damage your jacket shines.

Washing of Real leather jacket seems prohibited:

It is a fact that all the experts never encourage washing through the machine for a real leather jacket. Even most of them cannot take responsibility for fading colors and shininess if you practice getting clean the product through machine. So, it is always appreciated if it goes for a cleaning process. Cleaning is an excellent procedure for a real leather jacket, which keeps the leather soft and supple. Let’s find out what steps you can adopt for cleaning your real leather jacket.

Cleaning of a Real Leather Jacket:

You can pick the below steps for your real leather jacket cleaning; you must be brilliant while choosing cleaning products or making liquid solutions at home.

Soapy water with a soft cloth or a good quality of a market-based cleaner is the best thing to remove dust, dirt, and other minor stains.

As most of the affected areas are cuff and collar, you can treat them more but with gentle hands.

Always move your hands in a circle shape to access more dirt and stains.

Avoid the usage of too much water, it will damage your jacket look, and a faded area can appear.

Wipe the surface of your jacket with a soft and clean another dry piece of cloth to clear excess water from the layer.

Allow the leather to dry in a cold, dry location (a room temperature is recommended) to remove the remaining moisture.

Use a conditioner on the surface to give your jacket a new look and shine.

The critical point of this cleaning technique is to avoid using hard rubbing.

A Real leather jacket can get dry cleaned:

Yes, the real leather jacket can be dry cleaned, contact an expert who deals with such type of washing. But still, in this community, you will find the people who use high chemical products to dry clean the jacket; in that case, your real leather jacket can be discolored. However, some of them still use manual procedures but charge more as their washing steps are based on natural systems, and it takes time to give the best look after washing the jacket.


It would help if you learn some points before washing your favorite real leather jacket:

For these quick services, you can use the things from your kitchen and bathroom.

You can use a gel toothpaste for everyday stains, apply it on the affected area and rub it gently with your figure; after 10-15 mins, you can clean the area with a soft and wet cloth. For the stains of ink, you can use nail polish remover on the affected area, but do not rub the dipped cloth of nail polish remover; blot it, and let it dry; again, use a clean piece of fabric for drying.

If your jacket gets a stain of oil, you can sprinkle the baking soda; it will absorb all grease. You should leave it overnight on the surface and gently wipe it with a moist cloth. Before wiping off, if you see baking soda particles on the surface, you can use a dry towel and cloth to get rid of them.

Final Thought:

If you don’t want to screw about since you adore your leather jacket, invest in some high-quality leather cleaner and conditioner. There are many decent ones to choose from. You can also use the water protectant to go all out. However, only when the conditioner has dried.

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