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Irina Garasymiv’s “Small Town” has made him a frontrunner in the industry

We have already received a wide range of musical offerings from Irina Garasymiv. Small Town, she has now said. Irina’s brand-new song, which is unlike anything else she’s ever done, appears to be a smash. On Spotify, it has already had more than a thousand streams.

“Small Town” is a calming song. It won’t be something that will make you dance all the time. “Small Town” will lift your spirits when you’re down and just want to unwind and have fun. Your mood is raised and you feel joyful.

Irina fell in love with house music when she first moved to Los Angeles. Since Los Angeles is a party city, house music is played at almost all events. Irina became interested in creating house music after regularly listening to these melodies.

Check out Irina’s music on Spotify:

Her Instagram page may be found at @irinagray

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