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MAJ3STY, an emerging artist from Raleigh, North Carolina is trailblazing a genre of music that has never been seen before. The music industry is seeing artists such as J. Cole, Tobe Nwigwe, and H.E.R. make a movement of meaningful artistry. It seems as if Maj3sty will become a part of that movement, as well. Although he is not on the radar of the mainstream, he is giving a new meaning to independent and underground music.

If you are a 90s baby then you remember the era where music was positively impacted by voices such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Bilal. Those are just naming a few, but if you’re like me then you probably miss those days. The days where music meant something and the lyrics were something that you, your mom, your Grandmother, and probably your children could listen to. In a world oversaturated with music that possesses the inability to positively express life, there is a need for reform.

We took some time to sit down with Maj3sty and get to know what inspires the young legend.

Interviewer: With so many artists in this world, who was your biggest musical influence?

Maj3sty: I like this question. Before I knew who she was, Lauryn Hill was my biggest musical influence. Honestly, to this day Lauryn Hill is still an artist that I believe is in a category be herself.

Interviewer: What about Lauryn Hill inspires you?

Maj3sty: Lauryn Hill’s heart inspires me. She gave a call to action to my generation and when I hear her music, I still feel as if she’s talking to me. The push to become in this world and not of this world. The drive to be righteous and heal, before I even knew what these things were, I realize that Lauryn Hill put these things in her music. I once listened to an interview where she said that something has to be responsible. To this day and forever, after hearing those words, I promised myself that I would be responsible by any means necessary.

Interviewer: Why don’t you use profanity?

Maj3sty: It’s a sin. That’s as simple and respectful as I can put it. Profanity is a sin. I haven’t always been this way but I know that ungodliness cannot dwell beside nor in righteousness. That is my path, righteousness.

Interviewer: You seem a bit Bob Marley-like, any inspiration there?

Maj3sty: Nesta was a big inspiration for me. As I grew in understanding, I realized that Rastafari is the modern-day Essenes and I respect them for being that. Nesta was the starter kit for me, but it wasn’t all for me. Nesta gave me words that added to the path that Lauryn Hill painted for me in the back of my mind. Nesta made it more detailed, more masculine, and more vivid for me.

Bob Marley’s legacy has inspired me and I do find myself doing or saying things that he use to. But now when I do or say those things, I have the overstanding to see that I’ve reached that point in my journey to where I don’t just understand what he was saying. I am vibrating and being that natural mystic.

Interviewer: Do you have any projects coming out this year?

Maj3sty: I have a debut album releasing September 30, 2022, entitled “I AM HIM.” This project is the beginning for me. I strongly believe that my music will be a catalyst and voice for many people. I use to want the spot as the biggest artists in the world, but now I just want to be the biggest artist that I can be. There is no more competition in my eyes and there is no more trying to outdo the artist in my city. I believe that may work for some people. But I’ve become a student of the game. I’ve taken on the mindset of an athlete when it comes to music and I’m adding pressure. I’m doing the drills, I’m staying at the gym late, I’m in the zone, I’m eating music, I’m sleeping music, I’m breathing music, I’m living music, and I know that God My Father is who I serve. Abba, God My Father is the focal point and pleasing him, doing what he tells me to do to the best of my ability is what is driving my music. This debut album is coming with a different flavor because I’m not doing this for the community, peers, supporters, family, or myself. I’m doing this for Abba, everyone else will just benefit from it.

To learn more about Maj3sty and get the updates for his upcoming debut album visit the following links.

Listen to Maj3sty’s latest hit single “Last Trumpet.”

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