Paint And Sip Classes Move Online Amid CoronaVirus Pandemic

Enjoying a glass of wine with classical music in the background is what many people imagine when thinking of paint and sip classes.

It’s easy to think of someone swishing paint onto a canvas, stopping occasionally to sip on their wine. Beethoven is filling the room along with the smell of wet oil paint, of course. 

However, you don’t need to know technical painting terms or what wine is the best for a night of relaxation. In fact, you can start paint and sip classes online with no prior knowledge.

Many people are taking part in fun and creative paint and sip classes parties that are meant to help them forget about the ongoing pandemic.

Psychological Relief

Many people have discovered just how useful the internet can be since lockdowns and self-isolation became the norm.

Online schooling became a reality and even work can be done from the comfort of home. Although a lot of adjustments and compromises had to be made, there are many benefits to this virtual way of living.

These paint and sip classes are one prime example. From your own home, you can take part in a class with other wine drinkers and creative minds.

The virtual paint and sip experience is just as much fun as it would be in person. Perhaps even more because you have a lot more freedom.

You don’t need to feel ashamed if your painting looks like something a toddler would create on a wall. Also, you can enjoy as many glasses of wine as you want – you won’t be driving or judged by others.

Growing in Popularity

Over the last ten years, these paint and classes have become more and more in demand. They took off all over the world and can be enjoyed in cities such as Hong Kong, Dubai, New York and London.

During the classes, an artist will try to teach attendees to paint or draw a specific artwork. A glass (or two) of wine is sipped on as the class progresses.

According to experts, Millenials have been at the forefront in making the classes popular. They like to spend their money on experiences such as this instead of on material items.

That might be the case, but people of any legal drinking age can join in and experience the unique artsy fun for themselves.

Fortunately for everyone, there are many online versions of the classes. You don’t need to miss out on any of the fun. In fact, paint and sip classes online can be much more enjoyable.

Wines To Consider For Your Paint and Sip Experience

There are many wines to choose from and they all have something unique to offer the drinker. 

If you’re looking for the perfect wine for your relaxing virtual paint and sip classes on the internet, here are a few ideas:

Arnaud Robert Brut Champagne NV

This is from France and one of its greatest exports. The fantastic wine offers floral and brioche notes with a creamy and dry palate. You can also pick up hints of peach and apple. Perfect for a creative painting experience.

Tesco Finest Chablis 2019

Here you have a bright Burgundy blonde that is citrus-scented and comes from mineral-rich soil. It offers you elegant apple and citrus flavors with a refreshing acidity as well. Very delicious and one of the popular choices with all artistic wine lovers according to BBC.

Warwick Cape Lady Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

A beautiful wine all the way from South Africa, Cape Lady is a Bordeaux-style cabernet sauvignon. It hails from the Warwick Estate winery, which is respected for its wine collection. You get flavors of blackberry and dark fruit with hints of licorice and cocoa.

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