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Personal Injury Misconceptions You Need To Stop Believing

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Most people are unaware of the laws that govern personal injury claims. This is understandable given that the majority of us do not study law. The main issue with personal injury claims is that misconceptions can lead to extremely costly blunders. It is always advisable to hire a personal injury lawyer in Scranton if you are involved in a personal injury case. The myths listed below should explain why this is the case.

When you have insurance, you don’t need an attorney.

The insurance company is never your friend in a personal injury case. The company’s goal is to produce as much money as possible. This is commonly achieved by limiting the amount of money supplied in compensation.

We must emphasize that insurance companies employ adjusters, attorneys, and investigators. It is nearly impossible to negotiate a really good deal for you when dealing with such people. With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you may be confident that the insurance company’s professionals will not take advantage of your lack of expertise.

Waiting for an attorney is a good idea.

It’s really a bad misconception that insurance companies will offer a good deal so there is no need to hire an attorney. Such an approach will only result in you receiving far less than you should. If you postpone representation, the claim will inevitably suffer. Critical evidence may become unavailable, and you may even violate the statute of limitations without recognizing it.

You can even find yourself in a scenario where filing an insurance claim becomes difficult. As an example, you could talk to the insurance company about the situation. Then they make a tiny offer, which you accept. You also agree that you will not file a claim by doing so. Unfortunately, in most situations, this means you will earn far less than if you filed a personal injury claim.

When you sue someone, you gain a negative reputation.

You must recognize that it is your legal right to bring a lawsuit or pursue an injury claim. We’re talking about a legal system that was designed to protect people. Personal injury laws were also formed and evolved to provide protection to persons who were unfairly wounded owing to the negligence of third parties. Essentially, these laws were created to protect you.

Another thing you should be aware of is that when you file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit, the money you want does not come from individuals.


In most cases, they are provided by insurance companies. If the person at fault has no goods and is not insured, the personal injury attorney may advise you not to make a claim because you would receive nothing in return. However, this is quite rare.

People who are insured are protected by insurance companies. Filing a case against the irresponsible driver who hit you or the business manager who failed to post a “wet floor” notice on the ground, resulting in a slip and fall, means you will receive compensation from insurance companies.

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