Read This before Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding in Singapore

For most people, a wedding is a one-time special event, and in general, women tend to care more about weddings than men. People spend a lot at weddings for the most memorable experience. That’s why most people try to make it as extravagant as possible. Yet, it can still be forgotten, and for that, wedding videos can help you re-live your best moments.

It does not matter how much you spent on the lavishness of your wedding ceremony. Only capturing the best moments perfectly will make it a worthy investment. For that, you need to hire an expert videographer.

Especially when it comes to weddings in Singapore, they might look simple, but they are extravagant. So, hiring a quality videographer in Singapore should be the top priority of future newly-weds. So, in this article, we will share some tips with you to find the best Videographer for your wedding.

Learn about the basics of Videography

OK, so you might be wondering why you need to learn about the basics? The answer is simple when you know more about something, you can increase your expectations for better quality work. So, it’s better to learn about these things:

  1. Learn basic information about videography equipment
  2. Methods of Videography
  3. Editing basics

With the availability of millions of free resources, you can learn the basics of these skills with ease. When you develop a better understanding of Videography, you can ask better questions to judge their quality of work.

There is a method behind this madness. You might have to hire less experienced yet talented videographers for better rates. So, if you know the basics you can shortlist the best choices for further investigation with this method.

Search for Credible Reviews with Results

The next step on your bucket list should be to search for videographers online. Google is your new best friend for this task, and after searching, you can find the social media pages of the shortlisted candidates for better understanding of their work.

So, search for something like “Videographer in Singapore” or “Wedding Videographer near me” and go through the best-reviewed results. Keep in mind that you might get some top-ranking websites of some agencies as well. However, even if you found their website on the top page of Google, it does not automatically mean that they are good.

They might have a team of SEO experts behind them, which helped them ranked better. So, check for reviews, and shortlist a few with the most credible ones. Here are a few tips to spot credible reviews:

  1. Look at the reviewer profile to identify their past reviews for credibility
  2. Check out the pictures/videos that are posted with the review.
  3. Try to find the project of the reviewer, and check it out as a sample.

Ask for Portfolio or Samples

Past work always provides you a sneak peek into your future project expectation. So, asking for demos, samples, or a portfolio of the past work can help you make a better decision. However, keep one thing in mind, never get overwhelmed by samples.

Look at the past work that they have already uploaded somewhere. So, you can judge them a little.

Meet them, ask for ideas, Negotiate

Now the last step is to meet with your shortlisted videographers. In this meeting, try to ask them for ideas to know their thought process, and to find out if their ideas match with your imagination. Furthermore, you can negotiate the best deal in this meeting. But don’t try to underpay the other person because it might affect the result of your wedding video.

The Bottom Line!

Weddings are beautiful, memorable, and most importantly, it is a life long bonding event for the bride and groom. However, forgetting the event is not an option for most people because they have spent a lot of money on it. 

Videography can provide you with a massive return on investments to remember your special day with good visuals. Keeping that in mind, we wrote this guide, and we hope that you will keep these things in mind before hiring a videographer in Singapore.

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