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Rent a car service in Pakistan

Although there are so many car rental companies in Pakistan that claim to provide the best car rental service at affordable charges for that, you need to visit them to check the availability of the cars, check the rates list, and also need to check the availability of the car.

eZhire is an on-demand car rental company in Pakistan which is based in UAE and operational in all gulf countries such as in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and ready to be operational in KSA, eZhire started working in Pakistan in 2019, it is working through its fully automotive App, now renting a car in Pakistan is so easy and reliable with eZhire, if you are looking to rent a car Karachi, rent a car Lahore or rent a car Islamabad, eZhire provides the best car rental service in these three big cities of Pakistan,  there is no need to go anywhere and submit your documents, just need to upload required documents like your CNIC card, Passport and credit card, choose the car and number of days and order the car, once the documents are uploaded, no need to add documents again, instead you will just choose the car and number of days for the next time. eZhire provides the best rent a car service in Pakistan. eZhire works with 3 rent car models in Pakistan self-driving, a car with a driver, and intercity rent a car.

Self-driving rent a car

With its self-driving model, you can drive your hired car by yourself with no dependency on others, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere anytime.

Rent a Car with a driver 

eZhire offers a car with a driver, if you are not familiar with the routes or not confident with your driving skills or you need to travel for long routes, you can hire a car with a driver and can get a comfortable journey without any hassle.

Intercity car rental 

eZhire provides Intercity car rental in all big cities of Pakistan like in Islamabad, Lahore, and in Karachi, if you are looking to rent a car from one city to another like rent a car Karachi to Hyderabad, rent a car Lahore to Sialkot or Gujranwala and rent a car Islamabad to Murree.

How it works

ezhire provides the 3 easiest taps to rent a car, download, register, and book the car, first of all, you need to install the app and get registered by uploading your documents, choose your required car, according to your need and budget and choose the number of days and order the car, eZhire also offers home delivery, you can get delivered your rental car within one hour.

Why rent a car with eZhire  

eZhire provides you the best and new cars at affordable rental charges with no security deposit, you can rent a car as daily, weekly and monthly rental, furthermore, there are huge discount offers on monthly rental, eZhire has a wide range of cars, from hatchback, economy to mid-size and big size SUVs, you can also hire a luxury and sports car.


eZhire is the only app-based company in Pakistan that works with its fully automotive App, no need to go somewhere to check and compare the rental charges and stay in long lines to rent a car and also you are not sure about the availability of the car, eZhire has made the car rental process so easy and simple with its 3 easiest steps, also the customers can make changes through the app, if they want any change like to extend the days or need to make a request for car exchange, eZhire delivers new and clean cars and there is a great variety of cars, there are no hidden charges of any kind, the comprehensive insurance is included in the rental charges and also we offer a good Mileage, the rental process is very straightforward and simple.

If you have any questions or you need help, our customer service is always available to assist you, you can chat with us or contact us via email or call anytime.

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