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Robin Explains the Differences in DC’s Most Recent Batman Death


Batman has once more been “killed in the DC Universe,” but Tim Drake’s Robin knows this time is special. In the most recent Batman issue, it to revealed that Failsafe shot the Dark Knight, the AI backup Bruce Wayne’s alter ego Zur-En-Arrh created in case he ever killed someone (having been framed by the late Penguin). Tim is adamant that Batman is not dead, even though it appears as though he has been killed. Robin is aware that they must do something to bring him back, too.

Ironically, Batman’s closest allies, like Nightwing, don’t seem very concerned about his most recent passing. Dick Grayson is certain that Bruce will eventually return to the Bat Family, much as he did after being killed by Darkseid and his Omega Beams in DC’s Final Crisis, as seen in the upcoming Batman #131 by Chip Zdarksy and Mike Hawthorne. Robin thinks Batman won’t be able to come back alone this time. Tim is frantically looking for a way to return his partner to their house after witnessing how damaged the Dark Knight was before Failsafe.

Robin is aware that Batman won’t be returning on his own.

Robin was very concerned about Bruce before the Dark Knight’s horrific encounter with Failsafe, who was designed to outthink Batman. Batman was in danger of becoming lost in the pervasive darkness since he had been working as the Caped Crusader nonstop for so long and had never stopped to remove his cape and cowl. Robin thinks Batman is broken and needs assistance to return to the core DC Universe.

The fact that it sent Batman to a version of Gotham that reportedly never had a Batman as an example. The Dark Knight has never witnessed such extreme crime and disorder on the streets. Bruce, though, appears to be content with his new reality and wonders if Failsafe is giving him a second chance to continue his campaign (while sinking even lower in the darkness).

Tim Drake, who plays Robin, is fully aware that one of the Boy Wonder’s responsibilities is to rescue Batman from the depths of darkness. As a result, he is aware that the Dark Knight won’t be able to get out of his current situation, given his health level prior to being shot by Failsafe. We can only hope that Tim Drake’s Robin will be able to save his buddy in upcoming episodes. Currently available from DC Comics is Batman #131.

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