Sell ​​a wrecked car for parts? How to do

Since 2009, it is no longer possible to sell a non-running car even in spare parts or to buy it, except for a professional of the automobile. If you have one at home that you want to sell for its parts, know the steps below to do so if you do not know how.


Reasons to sell your car for its parts

Besides a serious accident that completely demolished it, there are other reasons why you may sell your damaged car for its parts. Indeed, after a collision, a swerve or rollovers, a vehicle can be declared technically irreparable, therefore, qualified as a wreck. This means that the total cost of its repair may exceed the cost of its purchase, the reason for not resorting to it.


In this case, its owner has no choice but to take it to the scrapyard to destroy it so as not to pollute the environment with its components. However, while many of its parts are still functional, they can still be used by automotive professionals such as mechanics. Indeed, they also have an obligation to offer spare parts of good occasion to their customers. This is the reason why it is possible to sell them a damaged car for its parts, but after its actual value has been estimated. GoodBye-Car is a great way to get rid of your damaged car as quickly as possible while getting paid.


The car no longer has a gray card

This is also the case if the car no longer has a registration card, because its owner has lost it or it has been stolen. If it proves impossible to obtain a duplicate, no sales contract could be established with an individual. Also, the only alternative is the sale for its spare parts. Again, only automotive professionals can acquire it once its approximate price has been estimated.


The car is too old or too damaged.

Let’s no longer talk about old cars that are far too old or too damaged to be repaired and pass the technical control. However, some of their spare parts may still be used by other people, the reason for selling them as such. So what do you have to do to get some cash out of it and not feel completely helpless sending it to the junkyard?


Steps to successfully sell your damaged car for its parts

In fact, solutions exist to sell your damaged car just for its parts. This can be done by using the services of professional wreckers like Specializing in the removal and recovery of car wrecks, he can take care of your damaged vehicle for free, or even buy it for its parts. Check this cash for damaged cars


To do this, the professional first calculates the purchase price of your wreck, which is between 50 to 500 euros. He then makes an appointment with the approved goodbye car car scrapyard near you, which then removes your wreck and makes the payment. All of this is free as long as the collection distance does not exceed 15 km. Beyond that, other prices may apply.


Make sure that the service provider you are dealing with has a “VHU Center” approval issued by the prefect of your region, for a period of 6 years. Otherwise, it may be a con artist.


What the law says about

Currently, only selling to an auto professional like wreckers is the only way to raise money from your wrecked car. Since 2009, the law in force prohibits the sale or purchase of it, especially if it is a non-rolling vehicle. Moreover, the mention of a “non-driving vehicle” no longer exists on the technical control report. Its owner must therefore make a declaration of withdrawal from circulation and recover or reuse some of its spare parts for personal use. He can also change, modify or rehabilitate it for this reason only. He can also sell it to an approved ELV wrecker on condition that all of its essential components are left there or not replaced by other non-compliant equipment.


If she can’t ride anymore

In case your damaged car can no longer drive, you can ask the VHU center of your choice to come and remove it. You must therefore provide him with the crossed-out vehicle registration card, mentioning “sold on… for destruction” or “transferred on… for destruction” and sign it. A certificate of non-pledge of no more than 15 days is also required, as well as a transfer certificate or a cerfa form n ° 15776 * 01. Indicate the contact details of the approved ELV wrecker of your choice so that this document can be valid. If you ever no longer have your registration card or it has been withdrawn, because.

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