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Some useful shooting tips in Apex Legends

Apex Legends gives players the much-needed experience of playing a faultless battle royale game. It’s a varied game with fast gameplay. It can be tough for both novice and professional players to concentrate on the shootouts.


Keeping this in mind, some newcomers may struggle to adjust to the game’s quick pace, especially while engaging in some dramatic encounters.


As a result, we decided to spend some time in King’s Canyon’s training mode to give you some tips on how to improve your aim in the game, so we’ve prepared a list of useful recommendations.

Training mode

Learn to strafe and snap by playing the game in training mode. You can become familiar with the weapons by using the training mode. Snapping is one type of drill that lets you practice your aim. There are many targets to test out in the training mode. You will receive compensation for perfectly configuring the shoot.

Snap between them if you want to practice aiming. Practice strafing out of cover while aiming. You try to hit a target that is placed far away while standing in front of an obstruction and shifting your position from side to side to get a perfect aim.


This is an important skill to master since it teaches you how to hit the mark.

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Mouse sensitivity setting

The next suggestion is a little trickier to put into practice because it completely depends on your preferences and setup. While pointing down sights in the game, you can change the sensitivity of your mouse as well.


Although it may be tempting, it will be much more advantageous to modify these settings to suit your personal playing style. On the other hand, training can help you get better at your sport. Make sure your settings are changed appropriately. Maintain your mouse sensitivity as low as you can bear, though, to remove inconsistencies and give you more control over your movement.

Check out the hot spots

Play around with the sensation of entering hot zones, such as high-tier areas for loot. You can cut down on waiting time at the beginning of the match by rapidly obtaining a weapon and getting enough practise.


This tactic’s drawback is that you can find yourself engaging enemies before you find a weapon. The benefit of communication is that you can keep pinging the weapons quickly to make sure your squad gets them before the enemy does.

Live matches are important

You get a head start in the training mode. There are certain limitations, though. The hitboxes you aim at are not the same as the legendary in the game, and you are unable to practice using the attachments.


It is necessary that you practice in both the training mode and real matches as a result. After that, you’ll be able to discover the hitboxes of various characters. You can also learn about and practice using accessories like stocks.

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