Student Visa Subclass 500 | Application Tips To Apply

Student Visa Subclass 500 allows you to study in Australia, which is not less than three months and not more than 5 years. A Subclass 500 visa is a multiple entry visa, allowing you to move in and out of the country as many times as you want to. However, quite a few things are there that you need to remember while applying for a student visa. Every detail regarding an Australian student visa is enclosed here. Therefore, you must spend a few minutes reading the article and know about it. 

A student visa 500: Who is eligible? 

All international students planning to come to Australia to pursue their studies can apply for Student Visa Subclass 500It does not matter in which stream you would like to go ahead, like Ph.D. or Masters, ELICOS, Undergraduate, a Vocational and Training course, etc. Everyone who wishes to study further in life can apply for it, but the course must be completed, with five years. 

How much is the fee?

Well, the fee of a Subclass 500 can vary depending on the additional costs involved in the visa application process. It includes health checks, police checks, etc. However, you must know that the fee does not include your expenses and your tuition fee. 

What you must know? 

student subclass 500 allows you to complete your studies, and after five years, if you still wish to continue residing in the country, go and apply for another visa. If you wish to start the application process, go ahead and register your account through ImmiAccount. When it comes to applying for an Australian visa, do not delay the process as it’s big. Start the process so that you get enough time to fulfil the student visa 500 requirements.

The eligibility requirements 

The next step when it comes to applying for visa subclass 500 is to fulfil the eligibility requirements. While doing this step, you must be organized and diligent; otherwise, you can get confused soon. Let look at the eligibility requirements: 

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

From your chosen educational institute, submit a CoE when you are applying for a Subclass 500. It is given by your educational institution after you have cleared the fee and accepted the offer letter. 

Age conditions 

While applying for a Subclass 500, you need to be above 6 years, and apart from that, the other student visa subclass 500 conditions are: 

  • When starting Year 12, students need to below 20 years, and if they are starting from Year 11, it’s 19 years. 
  • Or else, if the applicant is under 17 years, the starting Year should be 9, and for 18 years, it should be 10. 

Prepare for welfare arrangements. 

If you are above 18 years and applying for a Subclass 500, you must make welfare arrangements. The arrangement includes the (AASES) or “Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Studentform, A Confirmation of (CAAW) or Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare”, get approval from the relevant minister for your welfare arrangements, and nomination details of the student guardian. If it becomes difficult for you to understand things, a Migration Agent Perth can assist you. 

Do not hold any of the listed visas.

In case you already have any of the below-listed visas, the Subclass 500 that you have applied for will not get sanctioned. Therefore, the visas that you must not have are: 

  • Transit visa (subclass 771)
  • Domestic Worker (Temporary) or subclass 426 visa, which is also known as Diplomatic and Consular visa
  • The Diplomatic (Temporary) visa or subclass 995 – primary visa holder only
  • Temporary Work visa or (subclass 403) in the (Diplomatic or consular)Domestic Worker stream. 
  • Visitor visa (subclass 600) in the Approved Destination Status stream or the Sponsored Family stream

Overseas student health cover

Everyone applying for a student visa must have OSHC (Overseas student health cover) from a reputed and certified Australian insurance provider. The main objective behind this is it will cover all the medical expenses if you fall ill at any time. From the day they arrive till the student leaves the country, he or she needs to have health cover. Book an appointment with the Registered Migration Agent Perth if you wish to know the name of the insurance service providers. 

Language requirements 

Based on the course you are applying for, you must show proof of your English language skills. At times, the institutions may have different requirements so, it would be better if you go through the requirements, stated by them. In this aspect, at least you will know which test you should apply for and how many marks you should attain to qualify for the visa. 

Financial specifications 

While you are studying in Australia, you must have enough money to pay for yourself, like travel expenses, tuition fees, cost of living, etc. Well, Australia is a place for students, and every year a lot of new students come to pursue their higher studies. So, you will get affordable homes to stay in, but whatever is the expenses you need to pay by yourself. 

Did you fulfil the character requirements? 

Every applicant must fulfil the character requirements without fail to attain the visa. For that, you need to give a police certificate, a character statutory declaration, a “Form 80 Personal particulars for character assessment”, a military certificate, etc. Remember that your visa application can get cancelled or refused if you miss out a single point. In order to avoid facing such difficulties, it’s better to attain every requirement beforehand. 

Final thoughts!

Many people say that an Australian visa process is a bit complex, which is why they get in touch with an Migration Agent. When you get in touch with the experts, it becomes a hassle-free job. Instead of submitting the application form with wrong or incomplete details and facing problems, it’s better to get in touch with the immigration agents. Most importantly, their services are affordable, and with that, you would require a lesser processing time. Call the professionals now to book an appointment with them at the earliest. 

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