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The Best Pokémon of the Ghost-Type in Scarlet and Violet


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region is home to many Ghost-type creatures, like Flutter Mane and Gholdengo. The day-and-night mechanic rotates at a regular enough rate to ensure that the majority of players should get the chance to search for some during each session. Ghost types can bring many skills to a team and get along well with other types. Players can find a variety of new Ghost-type Pokémon to complete their team, whether they’re looking for a powerful attacker or a status effector. Additionally, many Ghost Pokémon can be seen wandering the ghostly areas of Paldea during the day.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet introduces several intriguing new and well-known classic and contemporary characters. Players will surely encounter these different spooks while exploring unexplored ruins or wandering through Paldea at night. It could be difficult to decide which of the many ghostly possibilities the player has most stands out. Scarlet and Violet’s ghostly creatures will be judged on their stats, strategy, and a scattering of lovely locks to determine which of the bunch is indeed the greatest.

Flutter Mane

Only people who bought Pokémon Scarlet could get Flutter Mane, and only people who bought Pokémon Violet could get Misdreavus. Flutter Mane, like Mimikyu, is a Fairy-/Ghost-Type, reducing the vulnerability of Ghost-Types to Dark-Type attacks. Its base stat levels for Speed and Special are 135, while those for the others are a more reasonable 55. This spooky creature has the Photosynthesis ability, which raises its Special Attack, and it comes in a little package like Snom in Scarlet and Violet.


Skeledirge, the last evolutionary form in Fuecoco’s line, develops at level 36 to become a Fire-/Ghost-type Pokémon. Skeledirge is a fantastic all-around Pokémon, thanks to its distinctive signature move, Torch Song. Skeledirge also possesses high HP and Special Attack, with a base health stat of 104 and a base special attack stat of 110.


The Pokémon Violet version, this Pokémon can develop from Charcadet by using the Malicious Armor. Both Skeledirge and Ceruledge are Pokémon of the Fire/Ghost type. Ceruledge, however, has statistically superior performance. Instead of being more balanced with a leaning toward only defense, Ceruledge is all about offensive while having excellent Special Defense stats. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Ceruledge’s characteristic move is Bitter Blade, a technique that drains HP. The Pokémon’s 125 base attack stat is likewise very good.


A Pokémon of the Ghost/Steel type, Gholdengo has just four weaknesses and nine resistances. Gholdengo also has a special Gold ability that shields the Pokémon from all status attacks. Gholdengo’s stats are very remarkable, with a base total of 550. This Pokémon is among the best common Pokémon in the franchise because it is neither a paradox nor a legendary Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

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