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The best way to obtain The Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

The Clock Lancet is one of the greatest crowd-control weapons in Vampire Survivors; it doesn’t deliver damage directly but instead uses an icy beam to immobilize enemies. At the beginning of a level run, CC’ing adversaries is not necessary, but it will be helpful later on when players are battling many hostile entities at once. Iguana Gallo Valletta’s beginning weapon is the Clock Lancet, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Iguana. Instead, a certain Passive Item that can find in various stages must be located and picked up by players.

In Vampire Survivors, players must first locate a Passive Item called the Orologion to unlock the Clock Lancet weapon. The Orologion, like the Clock Lancet, gives players crowd control-focused utility by freezing all enemies for 10 seconds, giving them plenty of opportunity to wreak havoc on their enemies. Players must eliminate Light Sources, flaming braziers, and lit candlesticks in each stage to obtain an Orologio. There is a possibility that a Pickup will be dropped when these environmental objects are destroyed.

In Vampire Survivors, How to Unlock the Clock Lancet

Light Sources typically leave behind a Floor Chicken, a Coin Bag, or a Gold Coin when destroyed. Depending on your luck, these items can occasionally drop a rarer Pickup, like the Orologio. It will take different amounts of time for someone to find this passive item because the drop rate depends on RNG. However, after obtaining the Orologion and using it in-game, players can use the Clock Lancet weapon in future Vampire Survivors runs. Many enthusiasts will probably desire to develop the Clock Lancet into its superior form, the Infinite Corridor, as the following step.

According to gameplay footage posted on YouTube by TimeToGrind, the Clock Lancet eventually turns into the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors after reaching its maximum level with the Silver Ring and Gold Ring. Both rings are passive items that players can only access after obtaining the Yellow Sign, the Holy Forbidden Relic. The Holy Forbidden, a stage inaccessible to new players until the final boss of Moonglow has been defeated, is a hidden stage that can only complete once.

After may play four regular stages in Hyper Mode, the extra stage Moonglow can be accessed. The Clock Lancet will evolve into the Infinite Corridor once players reach Holy Forbidden, where they unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors. After they obtain the Yellow Sign and max-level, the Silver and Gold Rings with it.

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