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The Boys Season 4 can finally debut the offspring of Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve

With her son’s release in The Boys season 4, Queen Maeve’s story, which ended with season 3, may continue. One of the less problematic characters in the popular Amazon Prime Video series is Queen Maeve, The Boys’ Wonder Woman. She frequently uses her power to help the Boys conquer the oppressive Supes, especially Homelander. In an epic battle between the Boys, Golden-Age hero Soldier Boy, and Homelander in season three of The Boys, Maeve and Soldier Boy are forced to jump out of a window together to protect everyone from Soldier Boy’s subsequent explosion.

In the third season of The Boys, Queen Maeve is depowered, finally released from Homelander and Vought’s control, and she receives all she ever desired. Though it might seem as though her journey is over, if Blarney Cock, Maeve’s hidden offspring, is introduced in season four of The Boys, her legacy may live on. Blarney Cock, who makes his comic book debut in The Boys #4 “Cherry, Part 1,” is the son of Maeve and The Legend and a member of the up-and-coming Supe squad, Teenage Kix. As one of the more heinous characters in the comic book series, Blarney Cock would be the ideal fit for the contentious live-action series, carrying on Queen Maeve’s heritage in some dubious ways.

Blarney Cock Was Already Teased By The Boys In Season 3

The minor tease for Blarney Cock’s arrival in season 3 may have been missed by viewers of The Boys who haven’t read the comics, and they may be thankful for that. In the sixth issue of the comics, Hughie, enhanced by Compound V, kills Blarney by punching a hole through the young villain’s chest during a fight between Billy Butcher’s Boys and Teenage Kix. A dead hamster emerges from Blarney’s rectum in one of the series’ most horrific moments.

Since Jamie the hamster has previously appeared in The Boys season 3, episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” many viewers might shudder if this incident occurred on television. However, with The Boys season 3 reaching new lows in moral decay, it’s not impossible. To escape his cage and consume the soldier’s face, Jamie shows himself to be a Super with the ability to fly, which is Blarney’s talent.

Blarney Cock Can Describe The Boy’s Return in Black Noir

Despite dying in episode 8 of season 3 of The Boys, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” Black Noir will still appear in the fourth season. Black Noir’s reappearance can be explained by Blarney Cock’s comic book plot, in which the villain is brought back from the grave using Vought’s new revivification technique, but only as a useless and zombie-like version of himself. In the end, Blarney was slain once more when Hughie caught him looking for his hamster; his body was set on fire to ensure he wouldn’t come back. Even yet, this comic book plot can offer some spooky and humorous moments while explaining Black Noir’s reappearance in season 4.

The Boys’ Compound V plotline may enter a new stage with the appearance of Blarney Cock in season 4 since it may become known that the substance may bring Supes back from the dead. Blarney’s debut may be a brilliant (and revolting) way to carry on Maeve’s legacy, regardless of whether it is confirmed that he is Queen Maeve’s son, as this isn’t disclosed until much later in the comics. Season 4 of The Boys is expected to introduce several new characters, and Blarney Cock may be one of them.

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