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The history and the projects of Salaam Estate and Builders

It is with immense pleasure that Salaam Estate and builders can say that they are at their peak. We are titled as one of the best construction companies in Bahria Town Karachi. We always work for the betterment of society and there is nothing that we hold back on. Salaam Estate and Builders is a real estate company that offers buying and selling of properties. This is something that we excel at. We have had uncountable trading since we started all because of our dedicated team.

We offer this service not on a small scale but we also deal with it on a commercial as well as residential scale. Therefore, we are not a minor company that offers small elements to customers but we work in every field. Salaam Estate and Builders always have the best commitment when it comes to serving people. We give people immense opportunities to settle in the future so that they enjoy. Moreover, Salaam Estate and Builders encourages ultimate transparency. We do not intend to hide anything from our customers. 

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Our work

When it comes to serving with the best quality, we can assure you that Salaam Estate and Builders are the first to do so. We can make and also accomplished a ton of different projects which we envisioned. Nothing is impossible for us because we have made all our blueprints come true. We started off small but bloomed as the years passed and now we officially stand tall. We take great pride in all of our work. One of the best successes that we have made so far is:


The prestige UBN Trade Tower

Salaam Estate and Builders always come up with the blueprints that we need to work for. Therefore, with great gratitude, we announce that the gray structure of the UBN Trade Tower is completed. This is a 15-floor tower which is the main attractive unit in Bahria Town Karachi. Salaam Estate and Builders have always been keen on every step that they take. We do not like to waste time on anything.


This is why our tower gains immense popularity because of its sales. Not just that but, the process of completing the tower is exactly how we wanted. Before starting the whole process, we always give a timeline of the project. Hence, the timeline of the tower we provided is proven to be going accurately. Hence, you are getting a promising deal at a smaller price.

The ideal view

We made sure to place our tower in the best location possible. Hence, it is fixed in a lavish area that is populous. You can get to see an amazing overview of the whole area which is filled with greenery and well-established villas. Therefore, it is one of the best places where you can start building your own business. It is crucial to have a good view to look at and have the breeze of fresh air. The best thing of all, we have made it easy for you to present your company and create awareness. The tower is ideal for your business because:



Our remarkable DX Smart Residency

This is one project that was anticipated the most. It is located in Ali Square, the plot no. is 82. There are a total of 8 floors located about the ground floor. The best fact about this project is that the whole project was sold out even before we launched DX Smart Apartments. The location of this project is utopian because it has views of:

The key features 

There are 2 types of apartments available. The first is 950 sq ft and the other one is 750 sq ft. The price range for purchasing per square foot is 9000. That is because of the location as well as the facilities. We have made a futuristic feel with it comes to Smart Apartments.

There are all the latest technologies installed when we talk about these apartments. We have left no important utility for our customers. Therefore, this will surely be one of the best investments you will ever come across. We have also provided commercial shops on the ground and above that, there will be smart apartments.

Upcoming DX Luxury Apartments

If you are wanting to live in the future while being luxurious then this project will suit best for you. Salaam Estate and Builders want to make a comforting living for everyone. This is why our luxury apartments will surely be the ones to catch your eye. We named these Dx Luxury Apartments because they will surely fulfill all your desires of living extravagantly. Just like our other project’s location, we make the setting of this project like a dreamland as well. Its surroundings will have:

The blueprint of the Smart apartments 

This is a big project that consists of 28 floors consisting of a ground floor as well. The size of the building is 750 square yards. In total, there will be 5 rooms on each floor. The booking fee for this affluence apartment is only 25% and the great thing is that the balance can be paid in the time span of 30 months. Therefore, we have given a good range of time for customers to pay and relax. We do not want to rush customers and instead want to give them the best living experience. There are 2 types of rooms:

  1. 2–bedroom apartment which comes in 1000 and 1100 square feet
  2. 3-bedroom apartment which comes in 1550 and 1750 square feet

Summing things up

Salaam Estate and builders are one of the best and most knowledgeable teams you can work with. We always set our goals high because we want to deliver amusement. Moreover, we have established brilliance over the years and we managed to set up towers of excellence. All of our projects are filled with warmth and comfort for all our customers. There is no one better to rely on other than us. With our growing experience and quality, we aim to become the largest growing sensation to provide commercial and residential areas to all.

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