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The Valvoline Difference

Valvoline is the world’s leading manufacturer of top-quality additives and specialised engine oils. The company provides premium branded lubricants that support optimum engine performance and has been doing so for more than 150 years. Valvoline strives to innovate and formulate superior products useful in a wide variety of applications. This ambition is reflected in its product range, where the brand offers everything from hydraulic and industrial oils to performance chemicals, grease products and heavy-duty engine oils.

The History of Valvoline

Dr John Ellis funded Valvoline in 1866 after his study of crude oil revealed its potential lubricating properties. As a result of the discovery, manufacturers initially adopted the use of this petroleum-based lubricant to boost steam engine performance. Consequently, the product became the first of its kind to be branded- hence the inception of the world-renowned Valvoline name.

Since then, Valvoline has been at the forefront of engine oil and lubricant development and improvement. The brand’s contributions have cemented its name in the truck and auto parts and service markets. Over the past 150 plus years, Valvoline has created numerous award-winning products and presented innovative triumphs to facilitate optimum engine care and improved vehicle performance.

Why Choose Valvoline?

Valvoline is committed to innovation, leaving them at the leading edge of continuous engine protection and performance improvement. The company’s willingness to test and exceed established limits maintains its drive to develop and reinvent its formulas, thus, creating new and improved products that ensure peak efficiency. Valvoline’s commitment to innovation is present in its wide product range, whose design certifies durability, stability and performance in every application.

The Valvoline Range

In its over 150 years of operation, Valvoline has attained significant engine expertise. This experience and resultant knowledge are now behind the company’s comprehensive range of specialised oils, lubricants and additives. All these products provide longevity and efficiency in all engine types, both original and those with aftermarket parts for trucks. Valvoline produces a suitable solution for every hardworking engine. For example, their ‘All Fleet’ and their synthetic and semi-synthetic range of diesel lubricants.

Heavy-Duty Engine Oil

Valvoline offers a vast range of heavy-duty products whose design is geared explicitly towards maximising on-road time. For example, the company’s Valvoline Heavy Duty engine oil range is specifically designed to prolong equipment working life and extend service intervals for advanced diesel truck engines. The primary purpose of these lubricants is to protect truck engine parts during use in the most challenging conditions while certifying optimum performance and efficiency in all applications.

Valvoline Premium Blue enjoys exclusive endorsement and recommendation by Cummins. The product’s design is primarily geared toward providing advanced lubricant performance in all diesel engine types, no matter the age. Therefore even the latest low-emissions engines can benefit from Premium Blue.

Valvoline engine oil design aims to provide enhanced lubricant performance in modern diesel engines, particularly those with emissions treatments. This benefit also includes all types of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

All Valvoline products undergo extensive testing in Cummins engines. Consequently, Valvoline is the only oil identified as the first fill on Cummins assembly lines. So, Valvoline oil is the proven choice for American trucks. However, Valvoline also manufactures lubricants that meet and exceed the technical requirements of the latest generation of Japanese and European trucks. So, specify Valvoline across the board for more extended life engine parts.

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