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The Worst Musical Moments of Moriah Plath in 2022: Welcome To Plathville

Moriah Plath

Although Moriah Plath from Welcome to Plathville frequently takes great satisfaction in her singing, viewers might counter that she has yet to have the best vocal year. In season 2, Moriah abandoned her tyrannical family to pursue her interests. Although the reality TV star intends to pursue a singing career, people don’t believe it’s in the cards for her.

It is commonly known that Kim Plath cherished emulating the von Trapp family from The Sound of Music in her own family. Even though Moriah might not have liked the traditional hymns, she frequently took the lead. The audience discovered that Moriah had never received any vocal instruction and only learned to sing from her mother. Even though Moriah is arguably the family’s best vocalist and undoubtedly a step above her younger sister Lydia, however, not everyone agrees that she is Hollywood material and believes she should continue singing in the shower.

Moriah Suffers Heartache

Season 4’s season-opening saw Moriah admit that her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, had hurt her by confessing his infidelity. Although they didn’t reveal the circumstances of the split to Welcome to Plathville viewers, Moriah did release a song in honor of it called “Missed Myself,” which featured grating vocals and poor rhyme schemes. While some viewers praised her for being unique in expressing herself, others said she was out of sync and ought to pursue another career.

Moriah Gets Trolled

It didn’t help when Max started making fun of Moriah’s second hit, “Weakness,” as if her singing wasn’t poor enough. When Max tweeted a picture of his ex-impending girlfriend’s single on social media, Welcome to Plathville followers took note. Viewers had hoped the Florida native would be encouraging, but instead, he produced a video of himself that appeared to be critical of Moriah’s talent. Unfortunately for the reality TV star, the song fell flat since many people thought it was cringe-inducing and Moriah ought to have hired a better co-writer.

Moriah Performs For TLC Cameras

Moriah received much attention on Welcome to Plathville in 2022. The singing parts made viewers uncomfortable because the tunes were, at best, amateur. The worst incident was when Moriah marched to the shore at dusk to sing to the ocean, leaving her house with Ethan and Olivia Plath. Her singing and the entire situation had an artificial quality. The fact that Moriah didn’t hire musicians to assist her was the primary problem with her singing in 2022. Viewers expect Moriah to debut some better songs in 2023 once she teams up with some actual musicians, composers, and producers.

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