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Tips for Planning the Ultimate North Carolina Road Trip

North Carolina is one of the best states for a road trip!  Not only are there nonstop views and endless variances in landscapes, art, and cultures, but it’s also incredibly affordable and fun.


These are some of the best tips for planning the ultimate North Carolina road trip and why it’s such a good idea to make your way through this state soon!

Plan for Early to Middle of Fall

If you want the best out of every portion of the state, plan your drive from early to mid-fall.  This timing ensures you can have some slight snow on the mountains, gorgeous golden leaves in the piedmont area, and still warm coastlines on the beaches.  There’s no other state that gives you the freedom to explore so many different areas and weather patterns in one drive.


Because of this, plan to drive from the shore into the mountains, so it gets colder as your trip goes on.  Or, you can simply loop through the entire state and start and end in the snowy mountains!

Enjoy The Cheap Accommodations

North Carolina is an extremely affordable state!  From the affordable Charlotte apartments for rent to the incredibly cheap food and hotel stays.  If you want a road trip that will allow you to save as much money as possible while still getting to have fun and cut loose: it’s time to check out North Carolina.


This also gives you the freedom to be looser with your plans.  Since hotel accommodations are so affordable, you can simply drive as far as you want in a day and explore anything you want, landing where you land instead of trying to book ahead to save money.

Get Ready for Fantastic Food

Food is one of the best parts of any road trip, and North Carolina doesn’t disappoint!  From the incredible barbecue that this state is known for to the fantastic fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown all over the state, you’ll feel like your taste buds are getting the most out of this vacation.


You’ll find everything from sweet honey mead to cool down after a day of driving through the mountains to delicious blue crab once you get down to the beaches.  In between, you’ll find anything from saltwater taffy to fantastic licorice and anything else that could leave your mouth watering.  This state is full of fantastic flavors.

Take In All of the History 

North Carolina is one of the first thirteen colonies and has a history of indigenous people who have lived here for thousands of years before that.  This state is filled to the brim with history showing the mistakes and wins of mankind side by side so that you can learn from them.


Although not all of the history is pretty to look at: it’s important to learn it all the same and is a part of what makes the state into what it is today.

There’s Nothing Quite Like North Carolina

Whether you’re already from the south or you’re driving in from another part of the country, make sure to make the most of this state!  North Carolina has a little bit of everything for everyone: you’ll fall in love on the first visit. 

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