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Unusual floating villas for sale in the UAE – ideal option to diversify your life

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Kleindienst Group, an Austrian company, will construct 42 floating villas in the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. One of the major developers in the Middle East offers potential customers a home in the underwater world by mixing components of a seaboat and a residential building, making it one of the most distinctive arab apartments in the UAE.

The Floating Seahorse project, which was launched last year, was created specifically for the luxury travel business The Heart of Europe. Villas with an area of 158 square meters will have three floors: one at sea level, the second as the upper deck, and the third totally underwater, offering a view of the coral reefs that the company will create specifically for unusual housing.

Hotels on the water have an unbelievable price 

A well-known shipbuilding company in the UAE has submitted an idea of eco-friendly floating homes as part of the large-scale Sea Palace Floating Resort project, worth AED 870 million or $236.85 million. The project’s creators had planned to build a spectacular hotel on the water with 156 rooms, as well as twelve overwater villas near Dubai Marina.

A home on the ocean called “Neptune” was also introduced to potential clients in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which is likewise located in the harbor of Al Hamra. Notably, the first overwater villas were revealed in Dubai as part of the $5 billion Heart of Europe project. The first phase of the project, according to the developer’s plans, will be unveiled before the start of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Date of completion

The Sea Palace Floating Resort project is expected to be completed in January-March 2023. Major elements are now being constructed. According to the developer’s official information, floating villas have created interest in the Dubai real estate market from potential clients. As a result, the first overwater villa was sold in October 2020 for AED 20 million, or $5.44 million.

Each floating home is over 960 square meters in size and has two levels with four en-suite bedrooms, a rooftop infinity pool, indoor and outdoor living areas, and an underwater observation deck with glass walls on the ground floor. The residence also includes a kitchen, living room, and two staff rooms.

A famous luxury vehicle company has also custom-made furniture for floating residences. The luxurious floating villas, according to the developer, will be powered by solar energy and will feature cutting-edge wastewater treatment and air filtration systems.

Furthermore, soundproofing will be provided on the villa via the engine room, and the hydraulic motors will not only maintain the villa’s stability in the water from the waves. They will, however, move the villa through the water to any location requested by the owner. Furthermore, in accordance with international safety requirements, each floating villa will be outfitted with a self-sterilizing and smart home system

.According to the project’s creators, Dubai was purposefully picked as the location for the overwater resort since it is a well-known tourist and investment destination due to its flexible economic policy and strong infrastructure.. According to, the sales of real estate will soon begin in this project for investors

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