Using AR/VR eLearning Solutions to Enhance and Accelerate the Training Process

Nowadays, it has become imperative for the professionals to acquire new skills and continue the journey of learning so that they don’t lag in terms of understanding the latest technology with the fastly evolving technologies. The familiarisation with the latest technology has become a new normal as the in-demand technology can resolve and address many obstacles that the previous generation technology can’t handle. However, getting acquainted with the latest technology is littered with a convoluted learning curve. For this reason, organisations offer training regularly. However, in some cases, the problem with the conventional form of training is that a lot of information is passed on to the professionals in a hasty manner which in turn defeats the purpose of upgrading their knowledge. So the question that arises is which is the best form of training. One can approach the best AR/VR companies in India or custom development services organisations who are experienced in developing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) e-learning solutions.

Why Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies for Training?

The virtual reality (VR) device renders a three-dimensional virtual environment with animations, which looks similar to the real world. When a person is in the virtual environment, wearing a headset, he can explore the environment as if he does in the real world. This means the visuals of the functioning of a new machine like industrial boilers or hazardous environments can be taken into the virtual world. Then, the new trainees can be allocated certain training activities. Similarly, augmented reality (AR) is a handheld device which gives information about the surrounding objects. This would help the professionals to know more about chemicals, industrial machines, machine parts, or any other technical details about the objects used in various industries.

Difference between AR/VR based eLearning solutions and AR/VR devices 

Be it augmented reality device or virtual reality device, it can be used for training only when it is fed with the specific information provided by an organisation. In other words, the content and graphical information or animated videos inside the AR or VR devices have to be fed to use it for the training purpose. This is usually done by the best AR/VR companies in India or custom development services organisations. 

Using AR/VR eLearning Solutions to Boost and Accelerate the Training Process

The major advantage of using AR/VR e-learning solutions for training purposes is that it offers experiential learning. This implies that the professionals will get to involve themselves in a wide variety of scenarios related to their work and carry out various training activities assigned to them. These activities are specified by the organisation which is in sync with their business objectives and productivity. The distinguishing factor and best aspect of using AR/VR e-learning solutions are, involving the trainees in an environment similar to the workplace. This process creates an episodic memory of all the activities that they had done. The use of AR/VR e-learning solution helps them to remember everything that they had done during the training period. For organisations who want to specifically target certain training activities will have to approach custom development services organisations, having  highly specialised skills in e-learning services of AR/VR technologies.

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