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Von der Leyen says EU corruption charges ‘severe,’

Von der Leyen

The “utmost alarm” raised by claims that Qatar bought influence by offering bribes to EU officials, according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

According to Ms. von der Leyen, the claims are “extremely severe,” and she advocated for establishing a new EU ethics authority.

Eva Kaili, the VP of the European Parliament, was one of four individuals kept by Belgian police.

The four accused of money laundering and corruption. Qatar has refuted any wrongdoing.

Speaking to our correspondent, MEPs expressed disbelief at the claims’ scope and bluntness.

Belgian police collected around €600,000 ($632,000; £515,000) in cash during 16 searches conducted in Brussels on Friday. Computers and cell phones were also seized.

Ms. Kaili believed to be one of the suspects. however, No one been appropriately named.

Ms. Kaili, an eight-year MEP, relieved of her responsibilities as one of the 14 vice presidents by Roberta Metsola, the president of the European Parliament.

She has dismissed the Greek Pasok center-left party and suspended from the Socialists and Democrats group in parliament.

Greek prosecutors have frozen all of Ms. Kaili’s assets.

According to watchdogs and opposition MEPs, the bribery investigation may be one of the worst corruption scandals in the European Parliament’s history.

According to Ms. von der Leyen, the highest ethical standards are necessary if European institutions can have trust.

He stated that the charges leveled against the vice president of the European Parliament were severe and caused him great concern.

It is a matter of public trust in our institutions, and public faith in our institutions requires more outstanding standards.

Following the claims, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, insulted the EU.

He tweeted a commendable image picture of former US presidents George H.W. Bramble and Ronald Reagan about the European Commission’s idea to end billions of euros in financing for Hungary.

According to prosecutors, the Gulf state has been meddling in the political and economic decisions of parliament for several months, particularly by targeting aides.

Local media have identified Qatar, but the Qatari government has denied any wrongdoing and called such accusations “gravely incorrect.”

The Middle East is one of Ms. Kaili’s vice-presidential responsibilities. She has previously defended Qatar.

the sole EU entity chosen by the European Parliament itself. To study new laws and enact them into European law, the 705 members of parliament elected by the citizens of the 27 EU member states assemble.

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