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Welcome and Marry Christmas to everyone as High School Football rolls on Christmas Eve as the Unity (Balsam Lake, WI) varsity football team has a home non-conference game vs. Superior (WI) today @ 12pm ET.

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After opening with a strong drive on a grueling par-4, the second and third shots sail out of bounds. Four draining hours later, upon arrival at the 18th hole, a shanked tee shot lands in the tall grass, offering no option but to hack the ball into the fairway.
And that’s when it happens — a perfect approach, high, arching and trained on the flagstick. A short putt sets up a feel-good par to finish.

That is, until the final score is tallied: 96.

The Huskers do not get a mulligan for 2020, not after entering this fall on the heels of three consecutive losing seasons with energy that stemmed from a sense of purpose and unity among coaches and players.

But now at the end of a long year, it is worth talking about. Consider what follows as the 19th hole. Grab a drink, preferably with a twist of holiday flavor. And thanks, as always, for the…

The 64 teams without byes will be divided into tier 3 and tier 4, with tier 4 teams travelling to tier 3 teams in the opening round. Opening round opponents will be determined solely by keeping teams as close to home as possible.

Thus, a few teams from the Rocky Mountain area and New England might be bumped up to tier 3 artificially so that we won’t have to see 10-12 teams travelling thousands of miles just for the opening round, but in the long run, that doesn’t really matter.

Further on, the brackets are designed to keep teams as close to home as possible. Occasionally, this won’t be possible: There’s no seeded or tier 2 teams in New England, so those teams will have to travel far in later rounds, and there will always be a few unavoidable geographic anomalies, but if ESPN or whoever sponsors the tournament can pay the travel expenses for the teams (the tournament would likely generate much more profit than the cost of sending a few teams in the air).

The senior is among 14 student-athletes honored by the league for superior service efforts

The SEC names a Community Service Team for each of its 21-league sponsored sports, looking to highlight an athlete from each school who gives back to his community through superior service efforts.

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