Ways to Control your Home Security from your Phone

These days almost all of us carry our smartphones around. They have become an integral part of our lives, being used for everything from controlling the lights in our houses to ordering food for dinner. However, did you know that besides making daily chores more convenient for you, your smartphone can also help secure your home from intruders? Maybe you have heard about it from someone, but do not know how it works. Therefore, here is an article to list out all the ways you can use your smartphone to control your home security system.

Smartphones have taken security systems up a notch by providing the ability to control several alarms at a time, receive real-time notifications, and so much more. Almost all good security systems come with a mobile app to integrate your smartphone with your security system for maximum control. This applies to both professionally monitored security systems as well as personally monitored systems. As long as your security system is connected to a powerful residential internet connection like AT&T internet you can now connect all your smart devices with your Wi-Fi and monitor them through your smartphone from wherever you are.

So let us move on to understand how these security apps can give you more control and offer peace to your mind.

System Alarms

Gone are the days of rushing through the house to turn off the alarm when you enter or worrying all day trying to remember if you turned it on before leaving for work. Now you can enable and disable your security alarms with a single click on your smartphone. Just open the security app that came with your security system and control the alarm as per your requirements.

Security Cameras

Want to adjust your cameras or view security footage while you are away? Do not fret because you can do that on your smartphone too. If you have installed outdoor or indoor cameras in the house then your security app will allow you to view live footage regardless of where you are. All you need is a Wi-Fi network in your house connecting the security system to the internet and mobile data on your smartphone. No need to worry about the security of your home anymore because you can keep an eye on everything at all times. Especially for people who leave your pets or children at home, the possibility of checking up on them means the world.

Besides being able to view live video footage, you can also adjust the angles of your cameras to view every corner of the house. Also, when you have armed the alarms, as soon as some irregular activity is sensed or alarms go off because of whatever reason, live video will pop up on your phone along with a notification to show what is happening and where exactly the trouble spot is.

Control Lights

You come home to a dark house and while fumbling around for the lights hit your foot in the chest drawer at the entrance and spend the next ten minutes cursing the hell out of everything around. Sounds familiar? Happened to me a million times before I installed smart lights that I could control remotely. Several security apps allow you to control the lights in your house with a single click on your smartphone. Turned on lights give the illusion of an occupied house even when you are away. Some security systems even allow light schedules that can be controlled from your phone to ensure that the light goes on and off whenever you want. You can choose to turn on specific lights or turn off everything.

Smoke Detectors

An invention that has saved countless lives. However, if you are not home they can’t be of much assistance and that can be scary. Nobody wants to come home to a burned down house. Luckily, now you can install smart smoke detectors that can be integrated with your security app. As soon as smoke is detected, a notification is sent to your phone and you can view live video of the room where the alarm sounded off. Your app will even notify you if the batteries of the smoke detectors are running low for timely replacement and to avoid being woken up in the idle of the night by the chirping of the alarm.


Door Locks

If you have installed smart locks on your doors then you can lock and unlock these through the security app as well. Gone are the days when you had to worry about leaving the doors unlocked when leaving the house or coming home with hands full of groceries and fumbling around with your keys. Just a click on your phone and open sesame it is.

Thermostat Control

If you often worry about your house getting too hot or too cold while you are away then good news for you, now you can control that too through security apps. Smart thermostats can be controlled using the integration feature on your security app to set up schedules for your thermostat or to control it manually. This way you save your money as well as energy.

Doorbell Video

Have you ever wondered who visited you when you were away? With doorbell cameras integrated with your security apps, you can even answer the door regardless of where you are. Just pull up the video and talk to the visitor through the two way audio option. You can even call the cops if you suspect it could be an intruder.

Final Words

With the right security app, you can do a million things to protect your house and make your life much more convenient. However, keep in mind that all security systems are not the same. The features being offered differ from one system to another so you need to look carefully into these features before investing your time and money into setting up a system. Make a list of what your requirements are and then speak to a customer service representative of the company to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled.

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