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What 90 Day Fiancé Fans Think of Yohan’s New Adult Content Work


Yohan Geronimo from 90 Day Fiancé has a secret job that hasn’t been revealed yet in his 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way storyline with Daniele Gates. The 32-year-old man from the Dominican Republic has introduced in Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. Yohan met Daniele, 42, while she was on holiday in his homeland. The pair fell in love at first sight and decided to marry five months later.

90-Day Daniele Gates, Daniele’s fiancée, was aware of the difficulties her relationship with Yohan would encounter if they opted to date. Not only do Daniele and Yohan have very different personalities, but they also scarcely understand each other’s languages. Yohan is about twice Daniele’s height, and their age gap is significant.

Daniele was eager to have a child with Yohan as soon as possible since her biological clock was ticking. On the other hand, Yohan is not financially secure and relies on Daniele to pay for everything while they’re together. Daniele was irritated when Yohan requested $200 worth of peanuts. Daniele appears responsible for all bills after migrating to Yohan’s nation.

What Is Yohan’s Mysterious Work on 90-Day Fiancé?

A 90-Day Fiancé Yohan cast member is an adult model with an account on Stephanie Matto’s platform Unfiltrd. Yohan charges $20 each month for 12 images and videos of himself resting and sleeping at home. Occasionally I go to the beach.” Fans may purchase 31 photographs and videos of Yohan for $100 every month.

MerryPants shared a screenshot of Yohan’s adult page on Instagram, and followers had mixed reactions. “She moved and didn’t want to work, so she’s encouraging him to sell nudes,” one admirer of Daniele. “I imagine he’s attempting to make amends for the $200 worth of peanuts he ate,” another joked. “So there was the manifestation, and then merely fans!!” “Makes sense,” another admirer said, mocking 90 Day Fiancé star Daniele’s manifestation technique.

What Other Jobs Does 90-Day Fiancé Star Yohan Have?

Yohan was working in a hotel lobby when Daniele met him, and he was still there. He runs a gym, works as a personal trainer, and teaches dance. Yohan aspires to move to America to work and provide for his family. To show it, he got a $1 tattoo after meeting Daniele.

On the other hand, Yohan’s inability to communicate in English is an issue. While Daniele has discouraged Yohan from pursuing the American Dream, he has not ceased learning English. Yohan even created his butcher shop as a side enterprise to supplement his income.

Yohan, a 90-Day Fiancé cast member, put his own money into the butcher store. Nonetheless, Daniele was shocked by the shop’s condition, particularly the flies around the raw meat stored on the counter outside the fridge. Daniele insisted on Yohan purchasing a computer to track how much money flowed in and out.

Jean, she reasoned, did not share her concept of business. Daniele is afraid Yohan would ask her for money, but being a “sugar mommy” is not an option for her. Meanwhile, Yohan was annoyed by Daniele’s reaction to his business, which made him appear like a failure. He may have chosen the adult modeling profession to make a livelihood and wow his 90-Day Fiancé bride Daniele.

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