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What John McManus, Patrick’s brother, Is Doing Now in 90 Day Fiancé

John McManus

LIMERICK, IRELAND - JULY 04: JP McManus (R), at the practice range with John Kiely Limerick manager during Day One of the JP McManus Pro-Am at Adare Manor on July 04, 2022 in Limerick, Ireland. (Photo by Oisin Keniry/Getty Images)

John McManus is a supporting actor on the 90 Day Fiancé and is doing well while collaborating with his brother, Patrick Mendes, and relishing his role as an uncle. The latest Pillow Talk actor made his debut in season 9 as a pivotal character in the development of his brother’s romance with Brazilian native Thas Ramone. John performed the part of Patrick’s obnoxious sister throughout the season, who frequently infuriated Thas.

Fortunately, John wasn’t as awful as many 90-Day Fiancé viewers had anticipated. Instead, he quickly won over fans with his witty remarks and laid-back attitude. The Las Vegas native gained even more notoriety on the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell All for putting an end to Jibri Bell by calling him “sparkles.” Soon after, he became increasingly well-known for having made donations on social media in the past without bragging about it on reality TV. TLC gave John permission to record Pillow Talk with his brother after watching the viewers’ emotions, which made him a key player in the reaction spin-off.

Patrick and Thas still reside with John McManus, correct?

Nine seasons of 90 Day Fiancé revealed that Thas had a lot of issues cohabiting with John. However, after marriage, the well-known TLC pair started living separately without John. Patrick and Thas have recently prospered as a couple, welcomed a child, and built a stunning home. John has started living independently simultaneously, but he still communicates with his brother frequently and publishes Instagram stories with him. Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé have witnessed John and Pat socialize, wager, and act like brothers throughout the months, demonstrating that their relationship is still strong.

How Much Money Does John McManus Make?

Although John doesn’t live with Patrick at his house, he still sees his brother frequently because of their shared occupations. Patrick works for Vivint, Inc., a reputable firm that installs smart home security systems. His profession appears to center around persuading folks to choose the sensible action and enhancing his consumers’ residential security. John disclosed to ScreenRant in an exclusive interview that he and his brother both work for the “same company,” but have separate positions. He claimed that John’s role was to “install” the security systems while Patrick’s primary responsibility was to sell them.

John McManus Enjoys Having Uncles

In addition to going to work with his brother, John relishes being Alessi, Patrick’s new baby girl’s uncle. He has shared numerous pictures and videos of his niece on Instagram to show the world how much he loves her. Alessi was pictured by John laying in her crib, pacifier in her mouth. He used a sweetheart emoji to express his affection for his uncle and the words “So lovely” in his message. Fans praised the supporting actor for having such high expectations for his niece, telling him that he would make a terrific uncle and be “the most fun uncle, EVER.” Fans of 90 Day Fiancé would want to see John on Pillow Talk and the main show more frequently.

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