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Will Lost Mary be as Popular as the Original Elf Bar?

Elf Bar sales have skyrocketed in the past year, leading a wave of popularity for disposable vapes. People love these delicious little devices with their beginner-friendly and stress-free design — they’re ready to go straight out of the box and can be thrown away as soon as the e-liquid and battery run out.

If you’re a disposable vape enthusiast (and let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?), there’s no doubt you’ve come across the Lost Mary. Created by the same people behind the original Elf Bar 600, the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape has quickly become one of the most distinctive disposables on the market with its tiny rectangular silhouette and gorgeous gradient design.

But will the Lost Mary BM600 ever be as popular as the original Elf Bar? And how does it hold up in terms of flavour, performance, and design?

Here’s a comparison of the two Elf Bar creations so you can find out for yourself and decide which is best for you.


Both created by the legends at Elf Bar, the original Elf Bar 600 and the Lost Mary must share the same flavours, right? Wrong. Although the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape is available in many of the same famous flavours as the original Bar, it also has some brand new nic salt flavours. Some of our favourite Elf Bar Lost Mary flavours include:

Cotton Candy Ice

If the original Cotton Candy flavour proved too sweet for you, this pairing with cooling menthol in Cotton Candy Ice is the perfect alternative. Sugary and refreshing, this Elf Bar Lost Mary flavour is a favourite for many.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Another great flavour, Blueberry Sour Raspberry blends juicy freshly picked blueberries with the slightly sour and lip smacking flavour of raspberries to create this heavenly Lost Mary e-liquid.

Double Apple

This Lost Mary BM600 flavour is a real double act: first sweet red apple delights your taste buds and then tart and zesty green apple provides the perfect exhale to finish off the Double Apple nic salt.

Triple Melon 

Another flavour unique to the Lost Mary range, Triple Melon combines refreshing watermelon, sweet honeydew, and delicious cantaloupe in a fruity and flavour-filled nic salt.

Triple Mango

Mango, mango, and more mango! This vibrant, juicy Triple Mango flavour from Elf Bar has become an instant favourite among many vapers because of its powerful fruity blast.

Blue Razz Ice

A mouth-watering blue slushy is combined with a cooling menthol kick in the Blue Razz Ice flavour from Lost Mary.

Note: some of these new flavours first released for the Lost Mary disposable vape are now also available for the Elf Bar 600, meaning that whichever device is your favourite you can still enjoy vaping them.

Overall, the Lost Mary’s flavour range equals or surpasses the original Elf Bar’s, with a long list of fabulous flavours that also includes Watermelon Ice, Red Apple Ice, and Pink Grapefruit.


Both are manufactured by the same world-leading disposable brand, Elf Bar, it’s no surprise that these two types of disposable vape offer similar performance.

Both vape devices feature a built-in 550mAh battery and 2ml e-juice capacity, allowing the vaper to enjoy up to 600 puffs from each e-cig. Depending on your vaping habits, this could last you anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

Reliable and sturdy, the Elf Bar 600 and Lost Mary are known for being fairly resistant to drops and shakes, so you don’t have to worry much about spills.

Elf Bar are known for the quality of their disposable vapes and the performance of these two models is no exception.

Nicotine strength

Both the original Elf Bar and the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape offer 20mg nicotine strengths, the highest nicotine level that is permitted to be sold in the UK and EU under TPD regulations. This is a fairly high nicotine strength — no vaper needs to worry about not getting enough of a kick from their Elf Bar or Lost Mary device.


Design is where the Elf Bar 600 and the Lost Mary BM600 really diverge. The Elf Bar 600 has the classic disposable bar look: simple but effective. For any vapers making the switch from smoking cigarettes, the cylindrical shape and well-designed mouthpiece make it reminiscent of smoking.

On the other hand, the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape takes a completely different design approach. Tiny and rectangular, the body of the vape is one piece for a sleek and simple appearance. While most disposable vape manufacturers recently have opted for the bar or vape pen style design, the Elf Bar Lost Mary looks more like a pod and is easy to slip into a pocket or handbag as a result.

The decoration of the two disposable vapes also differs, with the original Elf Bars opting for pure and simple colours that indicate the flavour of nic salt they contain. They also have the Elf Bar logo and some small text that says the name of the flavour. In contrast, the Lost Mary BM600 chooses attractive gradient colours that are more eye-catching and tempting than its predecessor’s. The device’s name and flavour are also written in big white letters designed to stand out from the crowd.

Overall, while the Elf Bar 600’s design is a standard crowd pleaser, the Lost Mary BM600 looks far more stylish and eye-catching, even if some people dislike the pod-style appearance.

Is the Lost Mary BM600 just the beginning?

With many similarities between the Lost Mary and Elf Bar original disposable vapes, it’s hard to say whether one will be more popular than the other. However, since 2018 Elf Bar have been rapidly manufacturing new products and e-liquids so it’s likely that their new and upcoming releases will blow both devices out of the water.

Their latest release, the Lost Mary AM600 has only recently hit the shelves, but it’s already popular among many vapers. Its appearance combines the attention-grabbing and stylish design of the Lost Mary BM600 with the ergonomic bar shape of the original Elf Bar. Maybe this new disposable vape will surpass both in popularity!

If you want to try the entire Elf Bar range including the Lost Mary BM600 and AM600, head over to Vaping 101. The online vape store has a wide range of disposable vapes for unbelievably low prices, allowing you to enjoy amazing vaping without breaking the bank.


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